Arbitration Award : Complaint by Ms ME Ravele

During February 2020, Ms ME Ravele wrote a letter of complaint to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture wherein she requested the Minister to investigate the conduct of the Acting President of SASCOC, Mr Barry Hendricks and the President of Tennis South Africa, Mr Gavin Crookes, for allegedly conspiring to stifle her nomination for the SASCOC presidency. She further alleged that the conduct of Mr Hendricks was unethical. Read more

Arbitration Update: Complaint by Ms Ravele

Further to the complaint by Ms Ravele that SASCOC’s erstwhile attorneys conducted themselves unethically during the arbitration proceedings which prejudiced her case, a meeting was convened by the Arbitrator and all parties on Wednesday 24 June 2020, where submissions were made as to why the Arbitrator should not hand down his award. Read more

Arbitration Update: Complaint by Ms Ravele

The arbitration of the dispute between Ms Ntambi Ravele and Mr Barry Hendricks relating to him having allegedly conspired with the President of Tennis SA, Mr Gavin Crookes to prejudice her from standing for election for the SASCOC Presidency, has reached an advanced stage of finalisation. Read more

SASCOC cannot prescribe to Federations when to resume Sporting Activities

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) takes the opportunity to distance ourselves from certain media reports suggesting that SASCOC has cast doubt over the possibility of any team sports resuming in the near future in the wake of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Read more

SASCOC responds to Portfolio committee’s concerns

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) acknowledges comments and concerns raised by the joint sitting of the Portfolio Committee on Sports, Arts and Culture, and the Select Committee on Education, Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture at the virtual meeting held on 6 May 2020 and will respond to the questions raised in the time frames advised.

A concern raised during the meeting was SASCOC’s inability to produce financial statements. In this regard, SASCOC has been ordered to present these financial statements within seven days from date of the joint sitting. SASCOC confirms that we will meet the required deadline and submit the audited financial statements that were approved by the membership at the AGM in November 2019. It needs to be noted that SASCOC’s financial year end is 31 March. In this regard the annual financial statements for the 2019/2020 are in progress of being prepared and finalised for external audit.

Acting SASCOC president, Mr Aleck Skhosana

Of further concern to the Portfolio Committee during the joint sitting, was the lack of an elective conference for a new board. It is their view that it is desirable for the SASCOC membership to hold the Quadrennial General Meeting (QGM) even if it is conducted virtually owing to the Covid-19 lockdown constraints. Though this idea is feasible, as a National Olympic Committee we subscribe to the IOC Charter and their prescripts. As such, the IOC’s view, while not prescriptive, discourages the hosting of a virtual elective conference having further noted the challenges experienced during the nominations process.

We undertake however, to set a new date for the QGM soonest while monitoring and adhering to the Government’s announcements on regulations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and permitting such a gathering. In the interim we continue to fully explore the possibility of a virtual meeting.

The SASCOC leadership was to have addressed governance issues, including the employment of a new CEO and CFO after the selection of a new Board during the QGM that was scheduled to be held on 28 March 2020.

but postponed due to Covid-19. However, we assure the Portfolio Committee that the SASCOC Board is applying itself to address the challenges being faced and the issues raised by the joint sitting in order to fully comply with its mandates and meet the expectations of its membership and stakeholders.

‘I express my sincere gratitude to the Board Members and Management who availed themselves for the meeting as some of us were unable to be part of the meeting due to technical glitches connecting us to the meeting. We applaud the leadership shown in our absence during the meeting,’ said Mr Aleck Skhosana, the Acting President.

‘As the Board, we will continue to respect our government and its oversight Parliamentary Committees because without their guidance and support as a sport movement, we would be unable to achieve our mandate. We also appreciate their understanding of our autonomy as an institution where they do not interfere with our constitutional obligations,’ he added.

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SASCOC Update: Portfolio Committee and Select Committee Meeting

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) acknowledges comments and concerns raised by the joint sitting of the Portfolio Committee on Sports, Arts and Culture, and the Select Committee on Education, Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture at the virtual meeting held on 6 May 2020 and will respond to the questions raised in the time frames advised. Read more

SASCOC re-affirms pre-cautionary leave of absence of Barry Hendricks

The Board of SASCOC has noted with disappointment the latest regrettable attacks on its integrity by Mr Barry Hendricks.

On 15 April 2020, SASCOC placed Mr Hendricks, who was the Acting President, on leave of absence pending the outcome of an investigation to be conducted by SASCOC’s Judicial Body, to whom the matter has been referred.

The decision that he should step aside until the investigation is finalised, was meant to remove any notions of interference by him and to ensure that the investigation proceeds in a fair and impartial manner.

The process being followed is similar to any other situation where a person in authority is investigated for alleged wrongdoing and is usually placed on leave of absence from duties pending the finalisation of that process.

An independent advocate, Adv. E. M. Baloyi-Mere who was appointed by SASCOC, gave Mr Hendricks an opportunity to present his version and after considering all the evidence presented, found that Mr Hendricks interfered in the nomination of Ms Ravele. So serious were the independent advocate’s findings against Mr Hendricks’ conduct that it warrants an internal investigation by the organisation.

The Board offered Mr Hendricks the opportunity to voluntarily take leave of absence as the Acting President, guided by its powers in the SASCOC Constitution as well as the IOC Charter and the IPC hand book to which it abides.

The Board is fully satisfied that it has acted legally, responsibly and reasonably and has not been swayed by emotion, outside influence or ulterior motives in taking the decision to relieve the Acting President of his duties until the investigation is finalised.

The continuing attack by Mr Hendricks on the current Board is both unprecedented and unwarranted as this is the same Board he was quite happy to lead until his leave of absence. It is unwarranted because Mr Hendricks did agree and support the obtaining of an independent legal opinion wherein the findings into his conduct were made.

As such we cannot understand his objection to the process being embarked upon and it is the Board’s fervent desire that the investigation is finalised as soon as possible and should he be exonerated, he can return to his position as Acting President.

However, until such time the investigation is finalised, the Board will not tolerate its integrity being undermined and will most certainly not recognise Mr Hendricks as its Acting President or an active member of the Board. The Board and members of SASCOC are not to communicate, support or assist him in any manner whatsoever and must not confer with him on any issue connected to the work of the organisation.

The decision to impose the leave of absence is therefore based on findings by the independent advocate that Mr Hendricks conduct can be seen as interfering in the nominations process of the elections that had initially been scheduled for 28 March 2020. Such conduct brings both SASCOC and the nominations and electoral process into disrepute.

It is the Board’s sincere wish that Mr Hendricks applies his energies towards defending the findings with regards to his conduct through the investigation process.

However, should Mr Hendricks persist with his present conduct, which with respect, is unbecoming of a member of the Board, he is at liberty to challenge the decision of the Board and the fair process that it has embarked upon through the investigative process.

It must be noted and recorded that there are currently two processes involving Mr Hendricks and these are: –

  1. The investigation into his conduct of ethical behaviour that was reported in the opinion from the independent Advocate which is the purpose of his leave of absence.
  2. The complaint by Ms Ravele that is being referred to arbitration.

The membership can be rest assured that the business of SASCOC will be executed by the Board, duly assisted by the Acting CEO, in a responsible manner in keeping with its mandate.


SASCOC Acting President Placed on Leave of Absence

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC)’s Board has placed the Acting President, Mr Barry Hendricks on leave of absence, with immediate effect from the 15 April 2020 pending the outcomes of an investigation to be conducted by the SASCOC Judicial Body. Read more