The membership of the Olympic governing body and Sports Confederation, SASCOC elected Mr Barry Hendricks as President for the next four-year cycle, (2021-2024) at a Quadrennial General Meeting held at Olympic House on Saturday 7 November 2020.

The position of SASCOC President was contested by: Alan Fritz and Barry Hendricks after other candidates withdrew.

Lwandile Simelane and Debbie Alexander were elected as the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents respectively at the QGM, where eleven nominees contested for these positions.

Also at the meeting, five Board members were elected out of the original 24 nominations. The newly elected Board members are: Alan Fritz, Qondisa Ngwenya, Kim Pople, Ilhaam Groenewald and Welhemina Grobbelaar.

Mr Wesley Maringa from the Independent Elections Facilitators of Southern Africa (IEFSA) oversaw the electoral process and 74 members of SASCOC accounted for a voting strength of 170.

Newly elected President, Mr Barry Hendricks commented, “You have surpassed yourselves in the election process and your trusted support for the new board is greatly appreciated. Your commitment and patience are valued.”

“Congratulations to the new Board of SASCOC.  I look forward to working with you.  Thank you to the Honourable Minister, Nathi Mthethwa, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Dr Sam Ramsamy for supporting the process. To the members who were nominees, you have shown that SASCOC is still a vibrant organisation due to the diversity on the list of candidates. Your valuable expertise will be needed to turn this organisation around,” Mr Hendricks added.

Mr Hendricks highlighted the ground breaking history of the SASCOC elections and these are:  First Black African woman was elected as 1st Vice President, first time electing two women in both Vice President positions and first time to elect five women in the board.  This confirmed the General Assembly’s decision of gender equality within the Board.  As per the Constitution, there will be two other board members to be co-opted, one with legal and the other with finance expertise.

“We together will now commit to form a unified progressive SASCOC board and conflict should be a thing of the past. We need to put the interest of sport in the forefront so that we regain our position as one of the best sporting organisations in the world.”

“We commit to work with the Honourable Minister, Nathi Mthethwa and to be transparent in all our operations.”

“Let’s see if we can honour the concept of servant leadership. This election is the first step, the struggle will continue but together as a unified team we commit to work with you so that we take sport to another level,” concluded Mr Hendricks.

During the AGM, held this morning, Honourable Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa in his address said, “It goes without saying that today’s meeting takes place under the backdrop of bitter infighting and acrimony – a situation that does not speak well about sports’ ability to effectively manage their affairs.

You might remember that having assumed responsibility for this portfolio, I inherited a process where a Ministerial Inquiry had made several damning governance-related findings relating to how this mother body of Sport was run. It was hoped that the speedy implementation of the Inquiry recommendations, would help nurse the organisation back to governance and financial health.

To that end, I extended the period during which the appointed Compliance Task Team, was to help SASCOC with such implementation. Amongst the recommendations of the Task-Team was the bringing forward of the QGM, which was first set down for 28 March 2020, before being postponed indefinitely in the face of the pandemic.

However, no sooner had I extended the facilitation process than I realised that there existed several challenges on the path of normalising SASCOC. It had already become clear by then that the emerging contestations for Board positions, within SASCOC, were going to get out of hand if not managed properly.

In line with my conviction that government needs to intervene in sport as a last resort, after the relevant sports authorities have had an opportunity to self-correct, I decided to allow that process to take place.

Accordingly, as early as April 2020, I called upon the IOC/IPC, inviting them to assist SASCOC with what I considered to be an imminent downward spiral. Sadly, my request was treated as something that I had just dreamt up, since SASCOC was considered capable of reversing their fortunes.

“It was much later that the IOC/IPC realised that they had to intervene. To that end, the appointment of Dr Sam Ramsamy as Facilitator, who would help usher a SASCOC elective congress, was received with much excitement and anticipation,” the Honourable Minister added.

He wished SASCOC and Dr Ramsamy well in staging a successful QGM.

During the AGM, other key decisions taken were: adopting the audited financials as well as the reappointment of Mazars as the auditors for the next financial year.



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