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SASCOC Board Election Nomination process

Following a recent complaint made by a Tennis South Africa board member, through the media as well as in letters to the Minister of Sports Arts and Culture and Tennis South Africa, copied to the SASCOC Board, that the SASCOC Acting President is blocking her nomination to the SASCOC Presidency position, SASCOC would like to place on record that this complaint raised has nothing to do with the nomination process leading to the SASCOC board elections.

SASCOC’s legal framework contained in the current Constitution, as amended on the 25th January 2020, which incorporates the recommendations of the Zulman Inquiry, with regards to the board elections, outlines the process as follows:

  1. 60 days before the date of the Quadrennial General Meeting (QGM), a notice should be sent to all members of SASCOC inviting them to nominate candidates for board positions. In the communiqué to the membership, the process of nomination is outlined and the nomination and acceptance forms as well as a document checklist was attached.
  2. The deadline for submission of nomination is 30 days before the QGM when all the nominations are independently submitted to and received by an Independent Audit Firm.
  3. The Independent Audit firm will submit the list of candidates, to the Acting CEO, indicating who is eligible and not eligible for nomination as per the predefined constitutional
  4. Upon receipt of the list of candidates from the Independent Audit Firm, the Acting CEO will submit the list to the Independent Nomination Committee who will vet all the candidates nominated as guided by the committee’s terms of reference.
  5. Once the Independent Nomination Committee has finalised its vetting process, the final list will be submitted to the SASCOC Board for their own information.
  6. Twenty-one days before the QGM, the final list will be presented to the Membership.
  7. The elections of the SASCOC Board are scheduled for Saturday, 28 March 2020.

The SASCOC Constitution provides that prior to the commencement of the election, the meeting shall appoint an electoral officer and two other persons as scrutineers, who are not candidates for office, to conduct the elections. SASCOC has engaged the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) who have provided details of one of their service providers to assist with the upcoming elections in March 2020.

SASCOC confirms the constitutional correctness of the nomination process in ensuring that every qualifying person has an equal and unrestricted opportunity to place forward their nomination to any of the positions on the board.

The SASCOC board has further resolved to appoint an independent person to provide an opinion on the relevance of the complaint to the nomination process.

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