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Professional Body for Sports Coaching in South Africa Launched

The Professional Body for Sports Coaching in South Africa was launched on Tuesday 19 November 2019 at Olympic House, Johannesburg.

The Professional Body’s vision is to enhance the integrity, relevance and standing of the profession of sports coaching, that will benefit athletes, participants and society by providing high performance service to our membership of sports coaching professionals.

The professional bodies responsibilities will include:-

  • To provide members with a set of professional standards through local development and/or custodianship of international standards;
  • To provide career path standards, clearly outlining the learning pathways associated with career pathways for individuals entering the profession;
  • To ensure that members are being held accountable against the sports coaching charter in accordance with a disciplinary code, policy and procedures;
  • To provide assessment of and relevance to the currency of cutting edge sports coaching competencies;
  • To set continuing professional development requirements and monitor adherence thereto;
  • To enhance the standing of the profession in the eyes of the public;
  • To be the voice of the profession;
  • To protect the interest of the profession.

The journey towards a Professional body for Sports Coaching commenced when the Minister of Sport and Recreation and the President of SASCOC at the 2011 –National Sports Coaching Conference signed the South African Coaching Framework (SACF) to mandate the NFs to implement the SACF towards professionalisation and legislation of sports coaching by 2016.

The launch had over 50 sports codes and over 140 delegates that signed the Sports Coaching charter committing to the code of conduct and the seven fundamental rights and responsibilities of sports coaches.

President of SASCOC, Mr Gideon Sam commented, “It has been a long road to today’s launch and we have many people to thank  for arriving at this point. When the decision was taken at the Sports Indaba that SASCOC would be responsible for guiding the Coaching Framework,  little did we know what to expect.”

A team was put together to drive the process and Desiree Vardan as the head made sure that all role players work tirelessly over many months to set and achieve the goals of us having the Coaches’s Association in the country.  Ably assisted by Board member,  Mr Jerry Segwabe, we are now in a position to present to the country a coaching Framework that will guide and regulate the programmes of all our coaches from beginners to professionals.”

“It is indeed a journey well walked by a team of dedicated personnel and advisers from many parts of the world. We can truly claim that we have put together a Coaching Framework that is endorsed by many coaching bodies from afar. It is now up to our coaches to embrace the Coaching Association and give it support by enrolling as soon as possible.”

“The SASCOC Board is happy to present this body for coaches to our members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, Mr Sam concluded.”

Chairman of the Professional Body for Sports Coaching in South Africa, Mr. Jerry Segwaba said, “This is an exciting and historic day not only for sports coaches but for every child, athlete and citizen of SA. We established a professional body for sports coaches in South Africa for the first time and this was long overdue and we thank the President of SASCOC, Mr. Gideon Sam and the Board for creating this opportunity for us.

“The benefit of the Professional body for Sports Coaching South Africa is to ensure professionalisation of sports coaches and create opportunities and career pathway. Sports coaches in South Africa have a voice and are represented by the Professional body for Sports Coaching South Africa, which can also assist even with the government formulation of sports policies for coaches, Mr Segwaba added.

Khotso Mokoena, the athlete representative on the board of the Professional body for Sport Coaching presented his journey and the relationship as an athlete with Sports coaches. He encouraged the athletes to ensure their sports coaches are skilled, qualified and licensed through the Professional body for Sports Coaching.

A very powerful video clip ended the day with a strong message from our 2019 Rugby World Cup Coach, Rassie Erasmus who expressed his joy and excitement and congratulated South Africa on the launch of the Professional body for Sports Coaching.

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