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SASCOC holds a successful Annual General Meeting and embarks on a reconstruction and modernisation path

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of SASCOC, took place on 8th December 2018 at the SASCOC Headquarters in Johannesburg to discharge certain corporate governance functions of the organisation as prescribed by the SASCOC constitution. Against backdrop of a very turbulent year, the organisation held a successful AGM. It received and adopted its Annual Financial Statement. It was noted that the SASCOC revenue for the year 2017/18 had decreased significantly and the meeting asked the board to make concerted effort to improve the situation. The meeting whilst noting the significant financial loss, expressed appreciation to the audit and finance committee for the positive turn in making sure that the organisation was back to compliance with its statutes.

The meeting also took time to receive updates from the board regarding the Ministerial Inquiry into the Affairs of SASCOC, following the publishing of the final report by the Minister yesterday 7th December 2018. Following deliberations and inputs from the floor the delegates, it was resolved that members needed more time to furnish themselves with the contents of the report and consult amongst their members. To this end the meeting resolved to call for a special general meeting early in the New Year to deliberate on the recommendations of the report and their constitutional implications. Commenting on the report Mr Gideon Sam said, “We are on record as having welcomed the Inquiry even though we had question marks on how it came about. We received the Final Report on 19th September 2018 and submitted our response 15th October 2018. At the outset the Minister was very clear that she has accepted the recommendations of the commission as they were. We are called on to revamp the manner in which sport is governed in the country to, amend the Sports Act to incorporate the structural arrangements of SASCOC amongst other things. This is where the input of the members of SASCOC is most required”.

He added that the board has taken particular note of those aspects of the report where there is requirement for constitutional changes and asked our members to carefully apply their minds on the following:

  • That the Sports and Recreation should be amended to provide for the:
    • Clarity of roles between SASCOC, Department and sports and recreation bodies
    • SASCOC’s powers and duties and its obligations to the Department as well as to each sport and recreation body
    • An independent dispute resolution body
    • Stipulate other clauses to be included in the SASCOC constitution,
  • Revision of SASCOC Board and mode of operation
    • Here the key issue is the proposed appointment of the President of SASCOC as opposed to the open election process we currently have
    • Appointment of independent members of the board by an independent electoral college rather than by the board as it is now
    • The term of office for board members is capped at two terms of 4years
    • That once elected, members must relinquish the membership as “officials or elected office bearers” of sport federations

“Other than the above, the other recommendations deal with operational and corporate governance matters, most of which we have begun to address via the organisational development and change process. The board of SASCOC did note and is encouraged by the fact that the Minister is open to a middle road, where in order to not be at variance with standard international norms and statues on the governance of sport organisations and accommodate the need for members of SASCOC to democratically participate in the election of their leadership,” he concluded.

The meeting also received an update on the Turnaround Plan for SASCOC as led by the Organisational Development Task Team appointed by the board. The meeting noted the importance of the work being done in this regard and welcomed this reconstruction and modernisation initiative. It requested that the next meeting must spend more time deliberating on this as this is the much needed intervention given the difficult times the organisation has undergone.

Delivering his opening address Mr Gideon Sam, President of SASCOC said “The board resolved that something drastic needed to be done to stop the downward trajectory. Thus, we began to institute a process of organisational renewal and austerity measures, without having to be cajoled by anyone else to do so. We need:

  • A better managed SASCOC that adheres to sound corporate governance principles.
  • That time where board members contradicted and questioned each other in public must and has come to an end.
  • We need to be financially stable and sustainable.
  • We must take our leading role as the custodians of sport in South Africa.

It is time for reconstruction and modernisation, a time for renewal.

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