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SASCOC Mourns death of Peter Goldhawk

SASCOC and the South African sports family join hands in mourning the passing of Peter Goldhawk, a stalwart who contributed immensely to sport. He passed away on Sunday, 2 September.

Born on 8 March 1947 and a former Rhodesian Paralympic swimmer (Israel 1968). Goldhawk contributed hugely to the development of Paralympic sport in many administrative roles in South Africa having come to South Africa in the mid 70’s.

Goldhawk was the President of the South African Sports Association for Physically Disabled for many years and served with distinction on many South African, continental and international bodies for sport for people with disabilities.

He was largely responsible for the formation of the National Paralympic Committee of South Africa (Napcosa) in 1976. He was always a visionary with a determination to ensure that athletes with disabilities were afforded the same recognition as their able bodied counterparts.

A chartered accountant by profession, Goldhawk was also a director on the Cape Town 2004 Olympic bid and the Sports Trust.

He was appointed a board member of SASCOC in 2004 when the organisation was formed and he played a fundamental role as a financial advisor to SASCOC and was the secretary for Gride Investment, a SASCOC subsidiary company.

In his capacity as Secretary, he assisted with Financial audits for the company as well as liaison services among all stakeholders.

SASCOC President, Gideon Sam, grieved the loss of a stalwart and conveyed his heartfelt condolences to his family and friends: “’We are deeply saddened by the loss of such an influential sports personality and administrator who contributed immensely to South African sport for many years,”

“We commend Peter for his immense contribution to the nation as a whole during and after the struggle. As the macro sports body of South Africa, we hope the legacy he leaves behind will be embedded for the future generation.”

May Peter Goldhawk’s soul rest in peace.

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