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Olympian Dodd on his worlds and SA get world numbers


By Mark Etheridge

Rio Olympian Kyle Dodd ended 54th overall in the elite men’s category at this year’s UCI BMX World Championships in Rockhill, South Carolina, US.

Dodd finished seventh in the 8” finals, and 2014 Youth Olympian Alex Limberg was 75th overall in his first experience of Elite racing at a World Championships.

The host nation’s Corben Sharrah rode off with the gold medal, with French duo Sylvain Andre and Joris Daudet taking silver and bronze.

The podium still had a South African connection though, with Daudet married to former South African Teagan O’Keeffe.

Back in SA after a lengthy travel back, Dodd shared his World Championships experience with Team SA.

‘My two practice days went better than any other big stage practices I have ever done. Coach Jonny [Chislett] definitely prepped me well for this race, the only thing that was a struggle at the beginning was adjusting to the heat, but after day one’s practice I felt a lot better on day two.

‘Going into racing I felt confident and strong, not too many nerves, which is always good, but just enough to keep me focused.

‘My goal was to take each race step by step and go as far as I could.

‘My first moto was a good warm-up, finishing fourth with not having a great start, but two guys bumping in the first turn gave me the opportunity to make up positions.’

Dodd then had a confidence-boosting second moto. ‘I had a much better start, but the first turn was so wide open if you didn’t ride the white line people dove under you, so with that happening I got myself another fourth.

‘My third moto was definitely my best race, holding a third from the word go, my gate was strong and I was able to stick with the two top guys around the track.

‘Going into my eighth final I had a good gate pick, and judging by my previous start I was quite confident on a positive outcome, my snap was good, but a wheelie on the second pedal popped me out the back.’

Nature then conspired against the Johannesburg rider.

‘I made my way into about fifth or sixth into the first turn, but as I came out the sun hit me square in the eyes since it was late afternoon and I couldn’t see a thing.

‘I pushed through the pro straight with what I could remember since I couldn’t see well at all, but I unfortunately couldn’t get over the berm jump and finished with a seventh.’

Summing up, he went on to say: ‘I was really happy since I do have a full-time job, so all in all it was a success.

‘Just a big thank you to Red Bull for getting me there to be able to compete, and also my coach for always having my bike. Some more highlights of my trip were ticking some things off the bucket list… like going to see the White House. Oh, and Times Square in the dark was truly amazing.’

Two SA riders brought home prestigious World Numbers at the BMX World Championships.

And one of them was coach Chislett (far right), who smashed his semi-finals to finish third, and go on to achieve a World #8 in the Challenge Class finals.

Then it was young Brent Johnson (right) who grabbed a World #5 in the Challenge Class Boys, 11 years after coming third in the semi-finals.

Kita Uys also proved her worth once again in her Challenge Class, but unfortunately suffered a crash and finished in seventh place in the semi-finals after impressing many an audience.

In the quarter-finals, Giba Gorge’s Manqoba Madida rode hard and fast and managed to secure a seventh place in the quarter-finals in the Championship Class.

Tyler Klumper raced like a beast, but unfortunately suffered a mishap in the quarter-finals and so he didn’t advance to the semi-finals.

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