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SA end ninth as first junior champs crowned in Olympic surfing era

The South African junior surfing team have finished ninth out of the 39 nations that participated in the 2016 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championships and ended with France claiming their first ever team gold medal in the Azores archipelago off the coast of Portugal.
France overtook Australia in the overall team rankings on the penultimate day of competition and maintained their grip on the lead on final day.
Australia finished with the silver medal, Hawaii with the bronze and Japan took their first ever team medal with the copper in a promising preview of their drive to develop the sport on the road to Olympic surfing in Tokyo 2020.
USA’s Caroline Marks (Girls U16), France’s Thomas Debierre (Boys U16), Hawaii’s Brisa Hennessy (Girls U18) and Brazil’s Weslley Dantas (Boys U18) were crowned the individual gold medallists and became the first individual World Junior Champions in the era of Olympic surfing.
‘Congratulations to France and the individual winners,’ said ISA President Fernando Aguerre at the closing ceremony. ‘These surfers will forever be the very first ISA Junior gold medallists in the Olympic surfing era. As all the other ISA competitors, they surfed in true Olympic spirit and showed amazing team camaraderie as they competed for the honour of representing their countries.’

The South African team, which bowed out of the event when their final three team members were eliminated on Saturday, was made up of:
U18 Boys: Jordy Maree (Kommetjie), Adin Masencamp (Strand), Bevan Willis (Salt Rock) and Joshe Faulkner (Jeffreys Bay)
U18 Girls: Crystal Hulett (Cape St Francis) and Sophie Bell (Salt Rock)
U16 Boys: Max Elkington (Kommetjie), Angelo Faulkner (Jeffreys Bay), Sebastian Williams (Durban) and Koby Oberholzer (Warner Beach)
U16 Girls: Kirsty McGillivray (Jeffreys Bay) and Kai Woolf (Jeffreys Bay)
Manager was Karen Elkington (Kommetjie) and Chris Bond (Cape Town) was the coach.

Picture of the SA team on the beach supporting their competitor courtesy of ISA/Rezendes


Girls U-16

9th Kai Woolf (Jeffreys Bay)
17th Kirsty McGillivray (Jeffreys Bay)

Boys U-16

13th Sebastian Williams (Durban)
19th Koby Oberholzer (Warner Beach)
28th Max Elkington (Kommetjie)
55th Angelo Faulkner (Jeffreys Bay),

Girls U-18

41st Sophie Bell (Salt Rock)
49th Crystal Hulett (Cape St Francis)

Boys U-18

13th Adin Masencamp (Strand)
17th Bevan Willis (Salt Rock)
33rd Joshe Faulkner (Jeffreys Bay)
33rd Jordy Maree (Kommetjie)

Team Standings
1 Gold medal, France (6725), 2 Silver medal, Australia (6595), 3 Bronze medal, Hawaii (5925), 4 Copper medal, Japan (5468), 5 USA (5450),  6 Brazil (4988),  7 Costa Rica (4567),  8 Tahiti (4512), 9 South Africa (4305),  10 New Zealand (4296), 11 Peru (4178), 12 Spain (4116), 13 Great Britain (3965), 14 Portugal (3528), 15 Argentina (3261), 16 Chile (2873), 17 Mexico (2850), 18 Morocco (2804), 19 Uruguay (2706), 
20 Puerto Rico (2518), 21 Canada (2503), 22 Israel (2487), 23 Barbados (2470), 24 Germany (2164), 25 Belgium (2092), 26 Italy (1726), 27 Scotland (1464), 28 Wales (1463), 29 Ecuador (1450), 30 Nicaragua (1440), 31 Russia (1097), 32 Panama (1059), 33 Sweden (704), 34 Norway (378), 35 Sao Tome e Principe (322), 36 Poland (194), 37 Austria (160), 38 Colombia (91), 39 Denmark (91)

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  1. Uwe Böbs

    September 27, 2016 at 11:30 am

    Well done ! I did expected better than only a 9th place though, with such a big surfing community in SA. Are we so much worse in surfing than France, or Australia, or what is the reason for this showing SASCOC ? This is quite unfortunate for a country with so many youngsters surfing? What have you done to support them SASCOC ? This is a poor advertisement of our sporting and surfing abilities … or is it a true reflection?

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