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Murray’s great memories of the Games linger on

By Mark Etheridge

Just over a week after the closing ceremony of the Rio Paralympics and rower Shannon Murray is still soaking up the atmosphere. Johannesburg’s Murray was part of the Mix4LTA crew that ended up fifth in the A-Final.
‘This whole experience has been both exceptional and humbling for Murray, pictured above, second from front.
‘In terms of the Paralympics as a whole, seeing the different athletes compete and how they function from day to day, it has definitely shown me the true definition of resilience.
‘It’s a magical and inspiring place to be part of.’
Moving on to the actual competition, Murray says: ‘I’m incredibly proud of our team for having accomplished what we have. We are the first African team to have ever made a rowing A-Final at the Paralympic Games. In every single race we left our guts out on that course and I know for a fact that I personally experienced the most gruelling and excruciating race of my life.
‘Our final race went well in terms of technique, we executed a well-rowed race and I definitely couldn’t ask for anything more from our crew. There are no regrets. I am extremely honoured to have represented my country. For me, this perennial experience is already cherished.’
Looking to the future and despite national para-rowing coach Marco Galeone having said that the trek to Tokyo and the next Paralympics has already begun, there are doubts about whether Murray is part of it… well at this stage anyway.
‘Sadly I personally don’t see myself continuing with rowing right now because I need to focus on my career of becoming a qualified attorney. I already postponed that for Rio already… but once I’m qualified, who knows… these plans are not concrete.’

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