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Champion Le Clos and national coach Hill part ways

A month after winning two silver medals in the pool at the Rio Olympics, leading South African swimmer Chad le Clos has parted ways with his coach Graham Hill.
The two have been part of a medal-winning partnership for 14 years during which Le Clos has won medals at every level and just about every continent.
In a statement on his website Le Clos made the announcement of the parting of ways with Hill, who is also the national swimming coach.
‘Graham Hill has done a great job as my coach for 14 years. We have achieved a lot together at every level of the sport: The Olympics, The World Championships, The Commonwealth Games and The FINA World Cups.
‘However, having considered everything, I have decided to end our agreement and will now start looking to find a new structure for 2017.
‘For the rest of the 2016 season, I will work by myself. Every athlete has to take responsibility for his or her own career and I feel ready to try a different approach.
‘I would like though to thank Graham for all his hard work, his advice and his friendship. I’ve been fortunate to have one of the best swimming coaches in the world living so close to my family home here in Durban. It has been an incredible journey together and he and his family will always remain good friends.’

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  1. Cherine Kemm

    September 15, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    Hi there is a turning point in every thing .

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