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Tired Marcia is hungry for more after Olympic debut

By Mark Etheridge

Stefano Marcia knew his Olympic Games debut was going to be tough… but not just how tough.
‘Wow it was tough,’ he exclaimed after his Laser class sailing competition came to a close with him not making the final cut for the medal regatta.
He ended 40th overall from 46 boats and says it was sheer lack of experience that took it’s toll. ‘I think there were only about eight Olympic debutants and most of the others have at least two Olympics under their belt!’
He had opened his account with a 30th and 25th spot on opening day but then drifte dog course, figuratively, and was unable to get back to that form.
‘It’s incredibly hard to get consistent results, the weather changes constantly and I think you just have to have an incredibly all-round game here.
‘I prefer winds between 12-14 knots and flat water and am more used to that. This week we had a cold front coming through and there were 3-4 metre swells – on our small boats that looks like a block of flats coming straight at you!’
But there were encouraging signs for Marcia. ‘I led briefly on the first day and then again in one of the later races. But it just takes the finest mistake and suddenly like 19-20 boats go past you.’
Marcia said the competition also took its toll ‘you’re racing flat out for two hours a day and are on the water for 4-5 hours a day just getting to the course and being towed back as well.
‘My quads are so tight now, I was even cramping while being towed back to shore!’
So what’s up with the South African youngster now, who has been flitting between Johannesburg and Cape Town.
‘The next cycle starts now for Tokyo 2020 and already I think I’m going to do more training and racing… I’m also looking at a move to Durban as its an easy location and better, more consistent sailing conditions.’

Picture of Marcia in Olympic action courtesy of Brett Beyer

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