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Redecker and Buys race to Cup Series victories in Bloem

By Mark Etheridge

Mountain-bikers Cherie Redecker and Philip Buys wrapped up the Stihl SA XCO Cup Series in Bloemfontein this weekend with respective victories in the elite women’s and men’s categories.
It was the fifth and final round of the series and ridden over the first UCI Category 2 cross-country event ever held in the Free State province.
Said Novus OMX Pro MTB Team’s Redecker: ‘This weekend’s course was great, well built, technically challenged and also had a great flow to it! I also had plenty of support with Stephen van der Walt, former CEO of Novus Holdings and my main support/sponsor and husband Heiko popping up over the course with encouragement and making sure I didn’t slack off. It was really great to take both the win and the overall series title.’
Redecker, 27, has now defended her XCO Cup Series title and is the reigning national XCO champion. She’ll be out to defend that title as well in Pietermaritzburg on 16-17 July at the Cascades course, a venue a stone’s throw from her house and ‘which is pretty much my home course.’
‘The past few days, with the support of friends, I have revitalised my passion for the sport. I have been too focused on results and politics, meaning I had lost focus in the sport.
‘The rest of my season has SA Champs as my main focus but before that I’ll be racing KZN Champs this weekend and then the fourth round of the World Cup in Lenzerheide, Switzerland (a week before SA’s). I still have some racing after SA Champs, with one more Swiss Cup and the six-day Lesotho Sky Stage Race. Oh and we might go to the UK to do the Hadleigh Park international XCO at the end of July.
As for the men’s race Commonwealth Games competitor Buys led from the start, with Kargo Pro MTB Team’s Alan Hatherly taking second place, enough to score the points for the overall Series title. Arno du Toit (Team SCOTT LCB) fought hard, and delivered a consistent race, resulting in a third place finish. The dice of the day went to Julian Jessop and Jan Withaar in a titanic battle for fourth and fifth place, with Jessop winning by a whisker.
Elite Men’s winner Buys, pictured below and who rides for the Team SCOTT LCB outfit, told Cycling SA: ‘I felt pretty good and happy to win the final race of the Series. After the Port Elizabeth race I was starting to fade a bit because of accumulated fatigue, so I took a two-week mid-season break and feel plenty more punch on the bike now.
27848f2b-d6aa-4790-86a5-61f8a683d25d‘There’s still some work to do before Worlds, but all is good in training. The track was really fun – it was a very natural track that I thoroughly enjoyed.’
Overall Men’s Cup Series Winner, Hatherly, who hails from KwaZulu-Natal and rode for Team SA at the 2014 African Youth Games in Botswana, spoke about the altitude difference between Bloemfontein and home. ‘It had an affect coming from sea level but we got here on Friday to avoid the effects of altitude, which I definitely think was the better choice for me. Of course I could still feel the air was thin but it was bearable. The descents were super fun,’ he said.
Chatting about the Series win, Hatherly said: ‘On the whole, the Series went really well for me by being consistent at each event. I would have to say Cape Town was my favourite; everything went to the book that day and the course suited me to the tee. Having international riders there also made it really incredible to have done well there.
‘I’m really happy to have kept my overall Pro-Elite Series title again for 2016, and I look forward to heading to Europe this coming week for World Champs in Czech Republic.’
The Junior Women’s race saw Kristen Louw take a decisive victory against Allison Morton, winning her three-lap race by two-and-a-half-minutes. Louw also took the Junior Women’s Series title while Danielle Strydom finished in second place after only competing in three events out of five. Morton finished third on the Series Log.
Reinhard Zellhuber beat Jarrod van den Heever by nearly one and a half minutes over the four-lap Junior Men’s race. Van den Heever’s second place was enough to secure the overall series title after five races, placing him on top of the log with 751 points. Henry Liebenberg placed second on the Series Log, with Pieter du Toit and Reinhard Zellhuber finishing in third and fourth places respectively.
STIHL 2016 SA XCO Cup Series Results Co-ordinator, Grevile Ruddock, said: ‘It has been some years now since we had this number of unique individuals participating in the XCO discipline of the SA National Cup Series.
‘There are 485 unique individuals on the Series Log, with sustained solid participation particularly in the younger ages categories and Elites. There were over 70 participants in each of the Youth, Junior and Elite Men groups, and also much-improved participation from Nippers through to Youth in the female categories.’

Main picture of Redecker courtesy of Stephen van der Walt, and of Buys by Johan Roux


Pro-Elite Men (six laps)
1 Philip Buys 1hr 29min 58sec
2 Alan Hatherly 1:31:48
3 Arno Du Toit 1:32:53

Pro-Elite Women (five laps)
1 Cherie Vale 1:28:15
2 Frances Du Toit 1:40:00
3 Sarah Hill 1:43:11

Junior Men (four laps)
1 Reinhard Zellhuber 1:01:44
2 Jarrod Van Den Heever 1:03:06
3 Henry Liebenberg 1:03:57

Junior Women (three laps)
1 Kristen Louw 1:02:56
2 Allison Morton 1:05:33
3 Sabrina Van Wyk 1:10:17

Youth Men (four laps)
1 Ryan Conradie 1:06:20
2 Wicus Breytenbach 1:07:00
3 Daniel Van Der Walt 1:08:13

Youth Women (three laps)
1 Zandri Strydom 1:00:03
2 Tiffany Keep 1:01:29
3 Azulde Britz 1:03:39

Sub Veteran Men (five laps)
1 Dion Froneman 1:27:25
2 Michael Maine 1:28:17
3 Darryn Stow 1:30:04

Sub Veteran Women (three laps)
1 Liesl Lourens 1:09:07
2 Nadine Nunes 1:10:34
3 Christelle Le Roux 1:27:20

Veteran Men (four laps)
1 Alan Van Coller 1:12:10
2 Tertius Van Niekerk 1:12:50
3 Ewan Cochran 1:13:38

Master Men (four laps)
1 Dirk Maarsingh 1:12:43
2 Pierre Nel 1:36:12
3 Charles Stander -1lap

Sub Junior Boys (three laps)
1 Travis Stedman 00:55:52
2 Jean Van Der Merwe 00:58:32
3 Zac Gerber 00:59:22

Sub Junior Girls (two laps)
1 Chante Olivier 42:27
2 Simone Grove 48:45
3 Chloe Bateson 51:49

Sprog Boys (four laps)
1 Jooste Coetzee 42:19
2 Marcell Swartz 42:25
3 Alec Coleske 43:42

Sprog Girls (three laps)
1 Olivia Penfold 41:07
2 Madison Mann 43:00
3 Riley Smith 44:10

Nipper Boys (three laps)
1 Connor Wright 34:03
2 Francois De Jager 34:57
3 Aiden Wright 36:33

Nipper Girls (two laps)
1 Hannah Elliott 28:37
2 Marili Nel 29:39
3 Amelie Owens 3

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