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SA cyclists bring back three medals from Belgium

South African para-cyclists Goldy Fuchs and Stuart McCreadie are back home from Belgium where they competed in round two of the UCI Para-cycling Road World Cup in Ostend at the weekend, winning a total of one silver and two bronze medals between them.
The South African team’s strategy this year has been to ensure that all the Rio Paralympic candidates have two World Cup experiences in the lead up to the Paralympic Games in September. The home-ground advantage of the opening World Cup round in Pietermaritzburg helped the team tremendously in terms of logistics and travel.
The six-rider squad then split into two groups with three attending the World Cup in Ostend, and three to attend the next World Cup in Basque Country, Spain, from 15-17 July.
Competing in the Ostend World Cup, Goldy Fuchs (T2), Stuart McCreadie (H3) and Craig Ridgard each executed a personal strategy with fantastic results.
Fuchs excelled in the men’s T2 time trial and road races where he claimed a bronze medal in the TT and finished fifth in the road race, where both events fielded over 20 riders.
H3 hand cyclist McCreadie brought home a silver medal in the time trial (see prize giving above) and a bronze medal in the road race despite a crash on the final lap of the road race, which saw him lose contact with the front group. He gave all that he had to chase the group down, finishing in third place just three seconds off the pace, and first in the five-rider group that he was in.
bafaa962-6566-464b-be67-7c1ab2d4a316Ridgard’s (pictured right) approach to racing in the C2 class saw him try out some new tactics with the main objective of staying clear of any danger during his races. Ridgard was very happy with his performance, which he used to gauge himself against his competitors as he prepares to peak at the Paralympics during September.
Independent rider Barend van der Walt accompanied the South African team and achieved respectable performances in both the time trial and road race in the C2 class.
Ernst van Dyk (H5), Justine Asher (H2) and Gerhard Viljoen (T2) now prepare for their European race when they descend upon the Basque Country in mid July. Van Dyk will be arriving earlier than the rest of the team to continue a block of his training programme in the region specifically aimed at the Rio Paralympics.

Pictures by Jean-Baptiste Benavent

Summary of Results

Time Trial
1 Charles Moreau (CAN) 27min 07.73sec
2 Stuart McCreadie (RSA) 27:44.65
3 Mischa Hielkema (NED) 28:05.08

1 Hans-Peter Durst (GER) 29:00.39
2 Ryan Boyle (USA) 31:12.02
3 Goldy Fuchs (RSA) 31:54.01

1 Tristen Chernove (CAN) 24:42.09
2 Colin Lynch (IRL) 24:56.07
3 Simon Antony Price (GBR) 25:01.58
11 Craig Ridgard (RSA) 27:11.20
13 Barend van der Walt (RSA) 28:17.24

Road Race

1 Mischa Hielkema (NED) 01:40:46
2 Paolo Cecchetto (ITA) 01:40:46
3 Stuart McCreadie (RSA) 01:40:49

1 Hans-Peter Durst (GER) 00:45:28
2 David Stone (GBR) 00:45:30
3 Giorgio Farroni (ITA) 00:47:21
5 Goldy Fuchs (RSA) 00:48:19

1 Tristen Chernove (CAN) 01:43:31
2 Francois Lacroix (FRA) 01:46:24
3 Victor Hugo Garrido Marquez (VEN) 01:46:24
6 Craig Ridgard (RSA) 01:46:24
12 Barend van der Walt (RSA) 01:50:19

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