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SASCOC reaffirms commitment to deliver world class 2022 Commonwealth Games

SASCOC is aware of media reports relating to the statements of the MEC for Finance in KwaZulu-Natal indicating that the provincial government has no funds for the 2022 Commonwealth Games to be held in Durban.

We wish to reiterate that SASCOC, as custodians of the Commonwealth Games in South Africa, is confident that the Games will be held in Durban in 2022 and that our commitment is to host a world class event.

We have engaged with all tiers of government – national, provincial and local – and are confident that the necessary agreements will be met and all funding requirements will be secured.

President of SASCOC, Gideon Sam, said: “ As the Games are six years away, we have begun the process to engage with various stakeholders in order to meet our obligations as set out in our bid documents. We have had discussions with national government and this is on going. We are aware of the current economic environment, but we are confident that we will deliver on our obligations of hosting a world class event on the African continent”.

“Negotiations with national government and Treasury are on-going and we are guided by decisions taken at national level. We have already secured many of the agreements with national government and are working tirelessly to conclude any outstanding matters, including the issue of funding for the Games”, said Tubby Reddy, CEO of SASCOC.

Reddy added: “We reaffirm that SASCOC will deliver a world class Commonwealth Games that would make us all proud. Our partners in government are working with us to ensure that the first ever games in Africa will be a memorable one”.

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