SARU meets with SASCOC

 After meeting with the Portfolio Committee and looking at the media exchange in relation to the South African Rugby Union (SARU), the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) called the leadership of SARU into a meeting which took place at Olympic House today.

SASCOC President Gideon Sam, CEO Tubby Reddy and SARU’s President Oregan Hoskins, Deputy President Mark Alexander, Vice President James Stofberg and CEO Jurie Roux, attended the meeting.

We took note of the statement put out by SARU on Thursday 3 March 2016 and essentially we were taken through the process that was engaged in on the issue of allegations against SARU CEO.

It’s not true that SARU CEO Jurie Roux didn’t disclose an investigation against him by his previous employer to SARU because he was employed in 2010 and the case only surfaced in 2013, three years down the line.

SARU leadership engaged legal opinion and in this process sought two legal opinions. We are satisfied as SASCOC, that our member SARU, and its leadership have exercised their fiduciary responsibilities as per correct process and as further attested to by the Katz/Cillier Legal Opinion.

Finally, let it be understood that Jurie Roux is legally employed and contracted to SARU till 2021 as CEO and that the case against him is in the court of law and will unfold according to the process of the law.





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