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SA Fed Cup team back down to Group 2 after defeats in Israel

South Africa went down 0-2 to Hungary in their relegation tie of the Euro/Africa Group 1 Fed Cup tennis tie played in Eilat, Israel at the weekend.

The loss means that South Africa are relegated back down to Euro/Africa Group 2 next year. 
Last year South Africa won their tournament in Estonia to be promoted to Euro Africa Group 1.
The tie against Hungary proved too much for South Africa as they were handed a defeat at the hands of an aggressive and fierce Hungarian team.
The opposition came out firing and never gave either Illze Hattingh (pictured above) or Chanel Simmonds much of a chance in the match, taking the ball early and playing aggressively from the start.
Captain Earl Grainger said: ‘We were simply outplayed but the team was positive the whole week’.
Both captain and players admit they have a long way to go in reaching this level and higher. ‘The level of the tennis was very high, very intense and we learnt a lot from the week, gaining experience and adding value to their tennis, and helping in the path going forward. Without a doubt we are all disappointed, but understand we were out of our depth at the moment’ added Grainger. 
’The team also realised that there is hard work ahead and standards need to be raised at all levels.’

Final results
SA v Hungary
Singles: Anna Bondar (Hun) bt Ilze Hattingh (SA) 6-0 6-1, Reka-Luca Jani (Hun) bt Chanel Simmonds (SA) 6-0 6-3
Doubles: not played

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