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Madida on the move to book his place at World Championships

Having had a taste of the big time last year when he went to the World BMX Championships in Belgium, 16-year-old Klaarwater-based BMX star Manqoba Madida has his sights set on another trip to the world showpiece in Colombia in May 2016.
Madida was spotted at an early age while riding at his home track at Giba Gorge, has since flourished to become one of the country’s top BMX talents and been assisted by the Elite Athlete Development Programme.
‘Having the opportunity to go to a World Championships was an incredible experience,’ a grateful Madida said. ‘It was awesome to be able to see the best in the world compete and see where I was in terms of the best.
‘It also helped me realise how much more work I have to do to try and get to that level.’
Having taken up the sport seriously when he was 11 years old Madida had never had the opportunity to experience competition like he did in Belgium in 2015 however he is not one to shy away from a challenge and understands that he has to work hard in order to reach those heights.
‘Being away from home for that period of time was a challenge but at the same time it was a great experience.
‘As I said being able to see the best in the world compete and to have competed against them was great for me and my development as a rider,’ he stressed.
The young Giba Gorge rider is focused on giving himself the best opportunity to get to the World Championships in Colombia later this year is a goal that Madida has his sights set on and with the help of the Elite Athlete Development Programme he feels that he is on course to achieve this.
‘I have set my goals to train really hard this year and just keep on improving, even if it is just bit by bit. I have felt that I am getting better and better which is great and these improvements will continue to give me the motivation that I need to keep on growing.
‘I’m just focused on getting to the World Champs in May,’ a determined Madida added.
With the assistance of the specialists at the Prime Human Performance Institute and the EADP Madida is receiving some of the best treatment and training he could and he is determined to take full advantage of this.
‘When I train I have a goal in mind and I have a plan that I am working towards which is encouraging for me. I can always see the positive changes when I leave training which gives me the motivation to train harder and keep on trying to improve.
‘It has been going really well and I just want to thank everyone that is involved in my progress from trainers, coaches, sponsors and they all give me the motivation to keep on improving,’ Madida concluded.

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