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Hartley could give SA first win at 2015 champs in Italy

In what was a fairly quiet Friday for the South African paddlers there were a handful of semi-final berths gained with the most notable being that of the C-boat pair of Hosea Seleka and Phillemon Maema in the C2 200-metres along with Bridgitte Hartley, Chrisjan Coetzee and the K2 duo of Tiffany Kruger and Esti van Tonder.
The morning started with Hartley in her 200m heat where she managed to finish in fifth place which qualified her for the semi-finals.
Her result was followed by Coetzee’s performance where he finished in a respectable fifth place and qualified for his semi-final.
Saturday’s racing should prove to be exciting with all of South Africa’s  paddlers that took part on Friday as they take part in their respective semi-finals in a bid to get into a second A Final for Team South Africa at this year’s competition.
Hartley will look to get a first win for South Africa when she takes part in her 500m K1 B Final early in the day however she has some time to regroup ahead of her 200m semi-final in the afternoon.
Coetzee is the second South African to compete on Saturday when he takes part in his semi-final followed by the C2 pair of Seleka and Maema who takes on the 200m C2 race five minutes after three.
The semi-final charge is completed by the pair of Esti van Tonder and Tiffany Kruger in what they hope will be a debut trip to an A Final in the women’s 200m K2 event.

Women’s 200m K1 Heat 4
1 Natalia Podolskaya (RUS) 41.549
2 Olga UmaraLieva (UZB) 42.097 +0.548
3 Sabine Liepa (TUR) 42.339 +0.790
5 Bridgitte Hartley (RSA) 43.409 +1.860

Men’s 200m K1 Heat 1
1 Mark de Jonge (CAN) 35.372
2 Yury Postrygay (RUS) 35.621 +0.249
3 Orion Pilo (DEN) 36.172 +0.800
5 Chrisjan Coetzee (RSA) 37.164 +1.792

Men’s 200m C2 200m Heat 1
1 Alexey Korovashkov/Ivan Shtyl (RUS) 37.116
2 Wiktor Glazunow/Vincent Slomnski (POL) 38.222 +1.106
3 Nicolae Craciun/Andrea Sgaravatto (ITA) 38.522 +1.406

Women’s 200m K2 Heat 1
1 Luca Homonnai/Natasa Douchev-Janic (HUN) 37.889
2 Ivana Kmetova/Martina Kohlova (SVK) 38.674 +0.785
3 Hannah Brown/Emily Lewis (GBR) 38.866 +0.977
7 Esti van Tonder/Tiffany Kruger (RSA) 41.137 +3.248

Men’s 1000m C2 Heat 3
1 Peter Kretschmer/Michael Mueller (GER) 3:42.217
2 Andrei Bahdanovich/Aliaksandr Bahdanovich (BLR) 3:43.397 +1.180
3 Pengfei Zheng/Longkui Wang (CHN) 3:43.503 +1.286
7 Hosea Seleka/Phillemon Maema (RSA) 4:35.165 +52.498

Men’s 500m C1 Heat 3
1 Maksim Piatrou (BLR) 1:50.994
2 Mikhail Pavlov (RUS) 1:51.780 +0.786
3 Shahou Naseri (IRI) 1:54.577 +3.583
8 Hosea Seleka (RSA) 2:27.917 +36.923

Saturday’s SA action
Bridgitte Hartley – Women’s K1 500m B Final
Hartley – Women’s K1 200m Semi-Final 1
Chrisjan Coetzee – Men’s K1 200m Semi-Final 1
Hosea Seleka/Phillemon Maema – Men’s C2 Semi-Final 2
Esti van Tonder & Tiff Kruger – Women K2 200m Semi-Final

Picture of Hartley courtesy Balant Vekassy

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