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Rocco looks to get on the road again after dip in form

By Mark Etheridge

What goes up must come down… so go the words of the 60’s song released by the group, Blood, Sweat and Tears.
And after his meteoric rise up the javelin ranks last month, Rocco van Rooyen must think that this title (not to mention the group is particularly apt!).
Van Rooyen unleashed a huge hurl of 85.39 metres at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, the fourth best throw by a South African.
But after that high there followed a less impressive 80.33m in Rome, and then a disappointing 72.78m in New York.
Back in his Italian training base of Gemona, Van Rooyen has moved on and has decided that perhaps less is more going forward.
‘Although New York was a massive flop it doesn’t help to get yourself down in the dumps. I’ve had some time to sit down and evaluate and decided I must revert to the “old” Rocco.
‘And that’s not thinking too much about javelin in the week, just train nicely and not even throw in the week. Then just get to the meet ins nice and excited.
‘A good mindset was always one of my strong points and the build-up to my last competition I spent so much time on the run-up that I actually changed something that wasn’t the problem!
‘I think it was a classic case of over analysing so there was no rhythm but a very confused head! But hopefully I’ll mature quickly as a thrower here in Europe if I go back to a “relax and enjoy it” mode.’
His following competition will be in Sopot, Poland on Saturday. ‘I’m feeling myself now and will just “delete” two weeks from my thoughts.’
His first goal will be to get back into the 80m zone ‘and I don’t really want to go back home before I get a few of those. In any case I’m a guy who doesn’t give up so will just be looking forward now.’

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