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Van Dyk hoping for a dry run in London Marathon

Six-time Paralympian Ernst van Dyk will be sleeping with his head out of the window on the eve of Sunday’s London Marathon, writes Mark Etheridge.
Rain has been forecast for the prestigious event and this is one weather element which Van Dyk doesn’t look forward to in the slightest.
Van Dyk took second spot in the Boston Marathon on Monday which was also held in wet conditions.
He told Road to Rio 2016: ‘They’re forecasting rain again for Sunday so at this point I’m not very excited. Boston was a tough race for most of us.
‘As wheelchair racers we have a big problem with the contact between our gloves and the push rims in wet conditions and the bigger guys with a more forceful technique like me suffer the most. We try different things to improve the contact but most of these strategies leave us with a less than average grip, which means we have to change our technique a bit putting more strain on our bodies and joints.
‘The fact that we were battling with grip in the wet was emphasised with the severe headwind for most of the race adding to our woes. So physically I’m pretty beat up but recovering fast. Mentally I’m more than happy to have walked away with second place in Boston as it could have easily gone the other way and not even making top 10.
‘So to have to deal with all of that again on the weekend is not exciting at all. It will be my 4th race of the season and 3 would have been I the rain.’
Van Dyk has had to settle for the lowest place on the podium at the last two London Marathon and reckons in dry conditions he again has a good shot at a medal. ‘In the wet it will be like tossing a coin so I’ll just have to be ready and prepared as possible and then go from there.
‘On the day we’ll just have to see who has grip and who doesn’t.’

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