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SASCOC CEO’s media statement on South African Equestrian Federation

It has come to SASCOC’s attention that various correspondences and contentions are being made by individuals claiming to represent the South African Equestrian Federation.

Please be advised that in terms of SASCOC’s Constitution and its membership criteria, SASCOC at present recognises the organisation under the Chairmanship of Mr Johann Koorts, whose administration is being conducted by the Secretary General Mr Wessel Strauss.

Therefore all athletes under the banner of the South Africa Equestrian Federation must note that, SASCOC will not entertain any application at this stage from any other body purporting to represent the sport of Equestrian in South Africa. In the interim we will engage with SAEF to ensure that correct governance processes are in place.


Tubby Reddy




  1. CPotocnik

    April 18, 2015 at 6:38 am

    With the greatest of respect Mr Reddy – a multi-year history of dispute and disorganisation in Equestrian Sport is an indication of serious problems.  In essence correct functioning arises from transparent operation and adherance to due democratic process and terms of a correctly established constitution. Without this, the needs and fair rights of all are not considered, and the inevitable mistrust and unhappiness that arises causes a serious dismantling of the system.  It is a serious indictment on key role players in SAEF that such terms have not been met.  The solution is simple, in fact:     Function ethically, transparently and correctly with adherance to due democratic process and terms of a correctly established constitution.  If key role players have shown themselves to be in contravention of these principles, then they should be removed and persons capable of these qualities instated.  Once again with the greatest of respect I believe it is exactly here that SASCOC has failed our sport (albeit unintentionally).  SASCOC’s authority is required as the (only) power capable of fully enforcing the changes required.  Clearly the state of this Sport has reached a stalemate and is dysfunctional as it stands, and I believe that  fulfilment of the directive given by SASCOC, namely that if no satisfactory changes occurred within one calendar month of 28th of February, then a meeting including all the key role players of Equestrian Sport should be convened to finally resolve these matters.  Please know that there is an enormous body of Equestrian athletes and supporters who are as tired of these destructive politics as SASCOC, and would like them resolved so that time, effort, financial and emotional investment can be constructively applied in the correct direction – namely the Equestrian Sport that we love.

  2. JDNeill

    April 19, 2015 at 6:43 am

    Thank you CPotocnik.
    The South
    African Equestrian Federation is made up of 14 Individual Sports (the
    Disciplines) linked to 6 International Federations / bodies.
    (4) disciplines are Olympic sports

    discipline is a separate legal entity, registered NPO.

    disciplines run on a club system which only caters for that specific discipline

    disciplines entrance into the sport is through a riding school. Riding schools
    are private enterprises and offer the opportunity to ride a horse.
    discipline is bound by the protocol of their International Federations General
    Regulations and Rules. Each
    International Federation haver strict discipline specific criteria, rules and
    regulations, which clash and breach each other.
    The constitution
    which SASCOC forced onto the SAEF has caused in fighting and power struggles
    within the leadership of the SAEF who have attempted to force all 14
    sports/disciplines to become one sport, this has been catastrophic.

    club system can work if you have one sport/discipline per federation, then it
    is fair because for example soccer only have soccer clubs. In equestrian there
    are 14 sports scrambling to register clubs to allow them a vote from club
    level, the more clubs a discipline has the more likely that discipline will
    control and rule. Each discipline has no interest or knowledge of the other
    disciplines. The concern is that it can end up with another SANEF issue, where one sport
    controls the other 13 sports.

    The ‘new’ SAEF club system lacks
    democracy and fairness – a club with a 1000 individual members has the same
    vote as a virtual club with 2 members so to try an ensure
    ‘democracy’ many people are quickly registering clubs to allow a fairness of voting
    for their disciplines.

    Imagine the chaos, 14 different disciplines members are scrambling to register clubs of 2 or
    more people in order to have a vote a regional level so that their discipline
    does not get side-lined and excluded. This
    is a farce.

    For the growth and protection of
    each sport/discipline they must each run their own sport but must align to the
    demarcation requirements.

    Every individual should be allowed to vote
    their for their regional discipline commitee/ provincial discipline committee/ council.

    Each regional discipline committee chair to form the SAEF regional committee and clubs /riding schools are affiliated.
    Each provincial discipline committee
    must be made up of a chair from each discipline regional/district committee.

    All the provincial discipline
    chairs make up the SAEF provincial federation committee.

    The chair of each SAEF
    provincial committee is to be rotational so that each discipline has the
    opportunity of taking the position.

    Please consider the MASA system
    which is a ‘block representation system’ which prevents smaller sports from
    exclusion or maybe try replicate British Equestrian Federation system.

  3. CPotocnik

    April 20, 2015 at 7:14 am

    A further comment and request to SASCOC:    A great deal of constructive public platform debate and discussion is taking place regarding these issues.  Given the time, logistic, cost and travel constraints which render large scale meetings difficult / impossible, this is a very useful platform through which to creatively “thinktank” on a large Equestrian community scale.  It would be much appreciated if you would dialogue and answer specific questions where these are constructive and pertinent, and provide important resolution pieces to the problem.   One important question is this:  according to a SAEF document (electronically signed by SAEF Executive) dated 19 March 2015 titled “Report Back” which refers to a meeting of the SAEF Executive Committee held on 29th March 2105 (these dates are document errors not mine viz the year and date of the Report back is before the reported date of the meeting?) but in any event, these discrepant dates can be clarified. Most immediately relevant to this conversation is that this document states (Paragraph 2) “At a General Meeting of SASCOC on 28 March 2015, Multi-Disciplinary National Federations were informed that SASCOC is looking at structural changes for these Federations”. Paragraph 3 continues to say ; “The SAEF acting President, Mr Johann Koorts and the SG who attended the SASCOC meeting on our behalf were informed that information in this regard would be communicated in due course”. Given that one of the current issues generating conflict in SA Equestrian Sport is the nature of incorporation of the multi disciplines, this is a fundamentally important issue.  Please would you assist the Equestrian Community to understand SASCOC’s suggested restructuring of the incorporation of the multi disciplines.  I speak for many SA Equestrians stating that we believe that constructive dialogue in this form is a reasonable representation of a fair democratic process and the rights of all involved. Given that (according to this document) pending “structural changes” for multi discipline Federations are imminent, it is also reasonable to consider that the SAEF constitution is not formally finalised with regard to these issues, and all Equestrians have democratic right of opinion regarding such proposed amendments.   Hence, we also believe that requesting such is a public right, not contravention of due procedure – particularly given that the current structure and  functioning of the SAEF system excludes the opinions, rights and needs of  a large body of the Equestrian community at this point in time.

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