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Extra insight for AmaWheelaBoys

The national senior men’s wheelchair basketball team recently increased their visual awareness, through Eyegym’s sports science programme, conducted at the national team’s training camp at Mandeville, near Johannesburg.

Dr Sherylle Calder, a former national hockey player from the 1990s, conducted individual sessions with each of the Sasol-sponsored AmaWheelaBoys players.

‘EyeGym skills allows a basketball player to see more, faster, wider among many other skills, and I am delighted to have been approached by Sasol and Wheelchair Basketball SA to spend time empowering the AmaWheelaBoys with our winning formula,’ said Dr Calder, who has used Eyegym to bring out the best from many international sports teams including the respective England (2003) and Springbok (2007) rugby-World Cup winning teams as well as Major golf winner Ernie Els.

AmaWheelaBoys head coach Franck Belen embraced the idea of using as much sports science technology as possible for the national team. ‘If the technology is there, let’s use it,’ said Belen.

‘I am extremely grateful to Dr. Calder, our team sponsor Sasol and Wheelchair Basketball SA for giving our players the opportunity to work with sports science methods that have turned other sports teams and individuals into champions.”

In the picture, teenage sensation Steve Walgenbach is put through the Eyegym session by Stellenbosch-based specialist duo of Dr Christi Botha (centre) and Dr Sherylle Calder (right). Photo Abbey Sebetha (Bakokepix)

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