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SASCOC: OPEX athletes have been paid

Contrary to media reports that OPEX athletes have not received their allowances, SASCOC wishes to place on record that all OPEX athletes have in fact been paid their allowances, namely on 9 August, 2014.

Despite some unexpected cash flow challenges which resulted in a slight delay of payment to the athletes, SASCOC has managed to resolve the problem timeously and paid all the athletes the allowances due to them.

Says SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy: ‘We totally appreciate the importance of the funds which we avail to our athletes in the OPEX programme as these assist them in their important preparation to Rio 2016.

‘Yes, we had a slight delay in processing their payment due to cash flow challenges but everything has been resolved and all athletes in the OPEX programme were paid on Saturday.’

‘We urge our media not to blow issues like these totally out of proportion when we face resolvable problems, as this only hinders our athletes’ performance.

‘SASCOC’s mandate is to ensure that we support our athletes totally and deliver them to all the international multi-coded events – hence we will do all we can to fulfill that mandate, as we have always done.’

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