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SA and Chinese Taipei share training tips in Bloemfontein

Thursday was the second day of training at the National Training Centre (NTC) in Bloemfontein for the South African tug-of-war team and their Chinese Taipei counterparts, one of the best teams in the world.

The morning saw the teams undergoing more testing which was tiring but this did not hinder them from more strenuous training in the afternoon.

The day was an opportunity for the Chinese Taipei team to share their expertise with the South African team through training together.

Team members appreciated the immense benefit this training availed to them.

Says Ayanda Ikaneng, South Africa tug-of-war team member: It was interesting training together. Our style and the Chinese Taipei teams style are totally different but we are glad that they are willing to teach us. It is definitely a step up so that we improve tug-of-war in South Africa and get more recognition internationally.

Sharing those sentiments, Jancke de Wet, another SA team member said: Training with the Chinese Taipei team has helped us and we should adapt to the new way of pulling that they taught us. We have made friends and we are excited and we hope to train together more often.

Chinese Taipei team member, Yu Fang Chou said: Today we were the ones with the chance to show the South African team our tactics, how we put a grip on the rope and I am pleased to say the girls learn very fast.

Chous teammate, Kao Chia Yi added: The South African team is eager to learn, they ask a lot of questions and they are motivated. We are also looking forward to learn a lot from them in our next session.

South African team manager Anton Botha couldnt agree more: The training was amazing and the Chinese Taipei team were open with their techniques. They have showed us their body position, which is different from ours. We’ll urge our athletes to try all these techniques and that can be achieved through a lot of training.

To round off the day, the Chinese Taipei tug of war coach noted that the South African team members were fast learners and very enthusiastic and if they keep training hard they are surely going to be world champions.

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