The first quarter of 2014 has gone by so fast and we continue with our special count down to our important sporting events of the year. This year marks 20 years of democracy in South Africa and we celebrate Madiba’s contribution in sport, which he summarised as ÔÇ£Sport has the power to unite the world, Sport has the power to change the worldÔǪit has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.ÔÇØ


Following the success of the last workshop, this month we have yet another exciting Athletes Career workshop, in collaboration with E for Exec, a programme that prepares athletes for their professional lives after sports. Some of the renowned athletes to participate in this workshop include: Olympian and South African boxer, Siphiwe Lusizi, Kgothatso Montjane who is ranked number seven internationally in wheelchair tennis, Olympic canoeing medallist, Bridgitte Hartley, Paralympian athlete, Tebogo Mokgalagadi.


Our first General Meeting for the year will be held early April and we are busy preparing for it to ensure that everything will flow smoothly. The General Meeting avails a platform for National Federations and Confederations to discuss their concerns and find ways to improve sport in South Africa.


We look forward to entering the next quarter of the year with the same keenness we had in the year’s commencement so that we continue delivering Team SA to the games as best as we can.


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