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Tug-of-war team ready for world showdown

By Mark Etheridge

The national women’s indoor tug-of-war team have arrived safely in Ireland for this weekend’s World Indoor Championships which start on Thursday.

The team, many of whom were part of the bronze medal-winning team at the 2013 World Games, will be involved in the 500kg and 540kg categories.

While the open club competition gets things underway on Wednesday, the SA team’s main target will be in the 540kg division at the weekend.

Team spokesman Lesley Carstens says the team have settled in well. “After 24 hours flying (including a seven-hour stopover in Dubai), we arrived at the Breaffy Woods Hotel┬áin Castlebar in County Mayo in Ireland on Monday afternoon.

“Our fitness coach Pieter Laubscher took the ladies for a lengthy stretching session to stretch all the stiff, travelling muscles, and then they all went for a long jog just to help with acclimatisation. They also inspected the sports area where they will be competing, which is on the grounds of the hotel. They’re all very tired now from the travelling and lack of sleep so it will be an early night.”

Wednesday featured the weigh-in, see picture right, and the team will then have an afternoon of rest before getting down to business for the weekend.

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