The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) fully supports the efforts being made by Cricket South Africa (CSA) in their attempt to obtain further information, and to ensure that the principle established by the late President Nelson Mandela that sport is and should be free of discrimination or disadvantage in any form whatsoever, is maintained, thus enshrining the integrity of the sport.


Through our member CSA, SASCOC has reviewed the proposed policy documents which were presented by the International Cricket Council to the joint sitting of the CSA Board and its members on 17 and 18 January 2014, and is of the opinion that should this process be accepted by the members of the ICC, then same would be a violation of such principle, and would certainly not be in the spirit of the game.


The current proposal does not create or lay down equal rights for members, and there is a notion and perception that certain of the ICC Members, namely India, England and Australia would seem to have additional protection under the regulations, due to the perception that they raise bigger revenue than other nations who are not protected by the rules, and this leads to the undemocratic principle that these nations receive special dispensation under the existing regulations, whilst the other cricket playing nations would be subject strictly to the existing regulations.


SASCOC therefore fully supports the efforts being made by its member CSA in trying to ensure that the principles of quality, fairness, and non-discrimination in any form whatsoever, are strictly adhered to.

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