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Johnson wraps up 2013 with a win and second place

Paralympian veteran Philippa Johnson has wrapped up her year’s equestrian with a fine win and a second place in Belgium, writes Mark Etheridge.

Johnson, who has competed at three Paralympic Games and has won two gold medals, took part while riding both of her competition horses Lord Louis and Verdi.

“This was the last competition of the year and I competed at the CDR Alken with both my boys,” she told Road to Rio 2016. “Lord Louis was first up in the M4 class which had 10 horses competing.

“We have now got it to the stage where Louis is starting to behave himself in the ring so now we can work at adding the sparkle! He ended up second with 67.50%.”

But Johnson and Verdi were clearly saving their best for last. “Verdi was the super star of the day, he was competing in the Int 1 which only had three horses competing. We were first in and he did a fantastic test which won us the class with 68.03% with the second horse coming in with 64.86%.

“It’s really great to be finishing the year on a high point!”

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