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Cup of Nations hockey tournament back on again

The Africa Cup of Nations hockey tournament, postponed just days before it started due to the hostage drama at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya in the last week of September, has a new date.

This important tournament will now be played from 18-24 November in the east African city.

The new date was announced by the African Hockey Federation on Thursday.

South Africa will have both a men’s and women’s national team in action, captained by Austin Smith and Lenise Marais [right], respectively.

The team’s that win the Africa Cup will qualify as the African continent’s representatives at the 2014 Hockey World Cup.

That four-yearly showpiece is due to be held in The Hague, Netherlands in June next year.


Men: Rassie Pieterse (Southern Gauteng), Jacque le Roux (Western Province), Rhett Halkett (vice-capt, WP), Matt Guise-Brown (Northern Blues), Jethro Eustice (SG), Dylan Swanepoel (SA U21 and WP), Mohamed Mea (SA U21 and KZN Raiders), Austin Smith (capt, WP),  Jonty Robinson (NB), Clint Panther (SG), Wade Paton (KZNR), Taine Paton (KZNR), Julian Hykes (SG), Geoff Abbott (KZNR), Pierre de Voux (WP), Lloyd Norris-Jones (WP)

Women: Sanani Mangisa (SG), Hanli Hattingh (WP), Lenise Marais (capt, KZNR), Marcelle Keet (Border), Lisa Deetlefs (SG), Illse Davids (WP), Celia Evans (North West), Shelley Russell (WP), Kaila Flemming (SG), Quanita Bobbs (WP), Sulette Damons (NW), Christine Roos (NB), Jade Mayne (WP), Bernie Coston (SG), Tanya Britz (Free State), Lilian du Plessis (NB), Izelle Lategan (FS), Kelly Madsen (KZNR).

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