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Archers guaranteed at least one medal at World’s

By Mark Etheridge

Our archers are already assured of at least one medal in the World Outdoor Championships currently being contested in Belek, Antalya, Turkey.

And there’s even the possibility of another medal in an event plagued by foul weather and high winds.

The guaranteed medal comes in the men’s compound team division where Patrick Roux, DP Bierman and Gabriel Badenhorst have reached the gold-medal shoot-off.

In the individual finals, Gerda Roux, right, will be involved in the bronze medal shoot-off while in the men’s individual contest Patrick Roux fared best reaching the 1/16 stage where he lost to Netherlands opponent Mike Schloesser (144:135). Both Badenhorst and Bierman went out in the 1/24 stage.

The South African compound mens team held it together, despite the weather. In the 1/4 final we came up against Great Britain taking the match 192:164. The team then progressed to the semi-final and came up against Sweden taking that clash 194:160. South Africa now comes up against Denmark for the gold medal.

In the CW individual event, where Gerda Roux is still in the running, she shoots it out for the bronze medal in the finals. As in any outdoor sport, competitors and results are often at the vagaries of the elements and this was most certainly the case in Turkey.

The high winds saw many a top competitor recording misses. Archers ran out of time, didn’t shoot their final arrows or saw their arrows simply being blown off-line and missing the target.

An indication of just how much of a role the wind had to play can be seen by the fact that the highest score registered at the onset of the team events was 215. At the time of the quarter-final the team average was 149, which is well below the norm.

So bad was the weather at one stage that competitors were asked to say in their gazebos for their own safety.

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