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SA track aces score good points in United States

South African track cycling stars Maroesjka Matthee and Bernard Esterhuizen are campaigning in the United States as part of their bid to gain valuable UCI points for the upcoming World Cup series starting early November, gearing towards the World Championships in February year.

The latest of their events was at the Madison Cup, which took place at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown (T-Town), Pennsylvania.

According to The Morning Call article, it was ÔÇ£Njisane “Insane” Phillip of Trinidad who won the men’s Keirin. Because of a smaller-than-expected field for the men’s sprinters, the keirin heats were eliminated and the event went straight to the finals.

ÔÇ£Bernard Esterhuizen, right, took the lead in the race when the motorcycle pulled off and attempted to pull away when the bell signalled the final lap, but Phillip used a big sprint to overtake the young South African on the back straight en route to the win.ÔÇØ

For Elite woman racer Maroesjka Matthee, her name appeared on top of the leader board on more than one occasion during the races. Despite fighting a cold during the week in the lead up to the races, Matthee went on to score a number of valuable UCI points with a very close second-place in the women’s Keirin, and a fourth place in the UCI Points Race.

Matthee has returned to South Africa whereas Esterhuizen’s base in the USA will serve him with opportunity to further increase his UCI points tally ahead of November.

Summary of results

Elite Men
1 Njisane Phillip (TRI)
2 Bernard Esterhuizen (RSA)
3 Marloe Rodman (JAM)

1 Zak Kovalcik (USA)
2 Shane Archbold (NZL)
3 Aaron Gate (NZL)
DNF Bernard Esterhuizen (RSA)

Elite Women
1 Elizabeth Steel (NZL)
2 Maroesjka Matthee (RSA)
3 Rushlee Buchanan (NZL)

Points Race
1 Rushlee Buchanan (NZL)
2 Elizabeth Steel (NZL)
3 Colleen Gulick (USA)
4 Maroesjka Matthee (RSA)


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