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Teague takes to the air for SA at World Games

Solo aerosport competitor Chris Teague floated into action for Team South Africa at the World Games in Cali, Colombia on Thursday.

Ranked 15th going into the canopy parachuting category, the Pretoria-based property developer ended 20th after the first round with a score of 74.44 out of a  possible 100. His accuracy rating was 67th.

Winner of the first round was Canadian Jason Moledzki with a score of 100 and an accuracy tally of 90.

A total of 35 competitors took part in the spectacular spectator sport at the Marco Fidel Suarez Air Base in the city.

In the second round the 30-year-old Teague improved to 18th of 36 jumpers with a score of 62.953 with his distance being 81.33.

Up above him it was France’s David Malese who had a score of 100 with a distance of 129.19.

The third round which was a speed-orientated competition was interrupted by unfavourable weather and rejumps will be the order of the day.

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