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SASCOC’s boost for lifesaving and tug-of-war codes

Success brings reward and already the medal-winning codes of lifesaving and tug-of-war are feeling the benefits of their achievements at the World Games in Cali, Colombia.

The lifesaving code won two bronze medals through Armand Marais and the 4×25 manikin relay and the next day it was the women’s tug-of-war team’s turn to come to the party when they also won bronze.

At an informal celebration ceremony at the team hotel on Sunday evening, SASCOC President Gideon Sam announced that each code would receive R100,000 towards the advancement of their sport, courtesy of SASCOC.

“This is part of our role in the assistance of sport’s high performance areas. SASCOC’s funding is all about high performance and we need to ensure that these sports keep up this momentum and impetus.

“This is very necessary to encourage lifesaving and tug-of-war to continue to go forwards and not slip backwards. The male members of our lifesaving team did particularly well here and broke numerous South African records.

“This is also not a once-off and we will see that the soon to be launched National Training Centre as well as our international training camp in Gemona, Italy, is all part of our mandate to boost the area of High Performance in our sport.”

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