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Johnson and Verdi take fifth in Belgium

Her latest dressage outing ended with an 11th spot for two-time Olympian Phillipa Johnson in Belgium at the weekend, writes Mark Etheridge.

Competing at the CDN Zandhoven competition, she took out her trusted mount Verdi and ended up ninth in her class with 66.45%.

“Again we were dealing with enormous classes,” she told Road to Rio 2016.

“It seems that Belgium dressage is truly finding its feet with over 70 horses in the Advanced class, 42 horses in the Prix St George and 22 horses in the Grand Prix. And this was just one of the many competitions held yesterday!

“We competed in the Int 1 which had 26 horses, Verdi was absolutely brilliant and all mistakes where purely rider error. And for a change it was extraordinarily hot at 32┬░C… and they say women don’t sweat!”

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