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SASCOCS OPEX programme yields positive results

South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) is pleased with the success its Operation Excellence (OPEX) programme has brought to its participants who have achieved positive results and brought home medals at most of the world games they have participated in.

Since OPEX programmes inception, athletes who are part of this package have excelled in various sport codes. Anaso Jobodwane took the first position and won two gold medals at the University Students World Games whilst Sibabalwe Gladwin Mzazi won a gold medal in the Mens Half Marathon. Stephen Mokoka also walked away with a gold medal in the Mens 10000m marathon and Kirsten Michelle McCann and Gliulio Andrea Zorzi grabbed gold medals in rowing and swimming respectively. Wade Van Niekerks performance at these games was also excellent.

One may argue that the students from Athletics South Africa (ASA) were suspended, but the fact is, now that they have participated, the results show the benefits of the support received by these athletes in the OPEX programme.

Chad Le Clos, Roland Schoeman and Cameron Van Der Burgh all scooped the first positions in Canet and Barcelona in their respective races and they competed in all three of the Mare Nostrum events.

SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy commented, SASCOC is proud to see the positive fruits our OPEX programme has yielded within sport. We remain totally committed to giving our undivided support that we are able to and we will continue to nurture talent within our athletes and help them to excel at the RIO 2016 Olympics and Paralympics.

Operation Excellence (OPEX) is the premier programme for prospective Olympic and Paralympic medalists and the programme consists of three different tiers which provide varying degrees of funding and support. In the 2009-2013 quadrennial SASCOC supported 58 Olympic athletes and 42 Paralympian athletes to the tune of R70-7million. The situation in this cycle should provide even better results, given that the spend in this first year of the four-year cycle will be in the region of R30million, which is almost half the total spend in the last four-year cycle.

Medallists and finalists from the 2012 Games, and athletes ranked in the top eight in the world in their events, were included in the Olympic body’s latest top-tier funding programme. Through this programme, South Africa is aiming for 16 medals in RIO 2016.

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