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Cape Town Challenge event a huge success

The 2nd World Gym for Life Challenge has wrapped up in Cape Town, with Austrian group TS Goetzis Zurcaroh being crowned World Group Champion and handed the Bruno Grandi Trophy.

Of 70 groups consisting of 1500 gymnasts in total, 16 groups were selected for the Gala Evening (finals). The Gala was representative of five continents and 10 countries, and featured entertaining gymnastics, much to the delight and awe of the capacity crowd of 3000.

The evening came to an ecstatic end, with the Austrian group, who performed last, receiving great applause and a standing ovation for their spectacular performance. With two contest days having just concluded, the Austrian group were a clear crowd favourite from the start. Evaluators confirmed this in their decision to crown the group world champions.

From a South African perspective, the Challenge saw four groups out of 22 receive gold medals, and thus qualify for the Gala Evening, the most by any other country. Germany was close with three groups and Switzerland with two. Diversity was the order of the night, with groups making use of extensive forms of body expression, dynamic costumes, demonstrating a variety of dance genres and gymnastic trickery, precision and expertise.

The concept of Gym for Life is inclusive of all persons, all gymnastics disciplines and all levels.

With the International Gymnastics Federation entrusting the South African Gymnastics Federation and the City of Cape Town to host the first ÔÇ£Gymnastics for AllÔÇØ event outside of Europe, South Africa has been placed on the international map yet again. Said FIG ÔÇ£Gym for AllÔÇØ President, Margaret Sikkens Ahlquist, ÔÇ£We were a bit concerned venturing outside of Europe for the first time, we were not sure if countries would come so far.┬áThe Local Organising Committee has done a sterling job with event organisation, this event has been a great success!

This event now moves from the South to the North of the globe, with the 3rd edition to be held in Norway.

For the City of Cape Town, this event again affirms their status as a world-class event destination.  For gymnastics in South Africa, this event has contributed to the growth and development of the sport, not only through the Community Legacy Programme attached to this event, but also as a recognised sport in South Africa.

The next big international event to look forward to on the gymnastics calendar will be the hosting of the 12th African Gymnastics Championships from 25 March-4 April 2014 in Tshwane.

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