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Blitzbok skipper meets ex Olympic gymnast at World Cup

By Wessel Oosthuizen

When Blitzbok captain Kyle Brown, right, informed double Olympic gymnastics champion Elena Zamolodchikova that South Africa will meet Russia on Friday in the IRB Sevens Rugby World Cup, she asked him: “Russia has a rugby team?”

She also stunned legendary South African golfer Gary Player during a visit to Pretoria in 1996 when he tried to teach her to hit a golf ball by asking him: “How do you make money hitting a small ball like this?”

The talkative and super-friendly Russian beauty, pictured with Brown in Moscow, right, is now an international gymnastics judge and also working with a group of five and six-year old gymnasts to prepare them for the 2020 Olympic Games.

During her illustrious gymnastics career, she won four Olympic medals, three Word championships golds, several European gold and more Russian gold medals than she can remember.

Zamolodchikova has visited South Africa on several occasions and also won the 1996 SA Cup in Cape Town.

She intends to visit South Africa later this year to discuss a cooperation program with South African gymnastics clubs.

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