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SASCOC plot the way forward for SA sport

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) wrapped up a productive two-day Presidents Council meeting at Olympic House on Sunday, with SASCOC President Gideon Sam urging National Federations to unite as one during the build-up to the 2016 Olympic Games and beyond.

SASCOCs board members, nine Provincial Confederations and 59 National Federations came together to deliberate as leaders of sport, celebrate milestones and discuss future plans to enhance South African sport at all levels.

Sam congratulated the leaders of all federations for their tireless efforts and good leadership to enrich sport in South Africa and encouraged all codes to continue their growth, achieve success and to bring more medals to the nation. Sam also passed on recognition to all National Federations for recent achievements.

National Federations also complimented SASCOC for assisting and guiding their organisations.

Major discussions included SASCOC’s quadrennial strategic plan and provincial structures. Sam expressed the need for interaction and establishment of defined structures between National Federations and provincial federations. He urged both parties to work in partnership stressing that stronger provincial structures result in robust national structures. Provincial federations presidents shared their involvement during the meetings.

Sam also underscored that the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil are approaching at pace and encouraged the leadership in various National Federations to be vigilant during Team South Africa/s preparations.

“SASCOC renders its undivided support to Team South Africa through the OPEX programme. This will ensure that Team South Africa brings home more gold medals than in the previous Olympics Games,” said Sam.

SASCOC’s strategy encompasses coaches’ development that commenced last year. To date, 22 individuals have been trained and four individuals have been identified as national coach education advisors, endorsed by their respective National Federations.

SASCOC announced that it consulted with 27 National Federations to present four-to-eight-year plans for the upcoming and future Olympic Games. To this effect, SASCOC recognised the need to compile a list of relevant service provider networks and appropriate policies to ensure the success of Team South Africa at the Olympic Games. These include, among others, provision of medical commissions and support personnel that travel with athletes to Olympic competitions.

It was also agreed that National Federations were to follow protocol and channel their issues via the correct platforms. Other topics discussed with National Federations and provincial councils included marketing and broadcasting, bidding and hosting strategy, women participation, national and provincial colours regulations and SASCOC protocols. Meeting resolutions were also announced on the final day.

“As an Olympic governing body, we work in collaboration and unity with our National Federations to ensure the success of sport in South Africa. Presidents of federations are encouraged to air their views through the correct channels following the appropriate dispute resolution policy. This will enable us to stay focused on our objective, which is developing and supporting South African sport,” said Sam.

The National Federation presidents and the Provincial Sport Confederation presidents endorsed the decision of the SASCOC Board to suspend Athletics South Africa.

SASCOC CEO Tubby Reddy believes the Presidents Council meeting raised important points, which will benefit South African sport at all levels. “Valuable ground was made at the Presidents Council meeting as SASCOC discussed important points with the National Federations and provincial councils in attendance, and they had the opportunity to voice their views and opinions.

“As a collective, we need to play our role in improving sport, coaching and sport administration across the country. I am confident that more success will follow this weekend’s proceedings,” concluded Reddy.

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