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SASCOC and IAAF meet in Switzerland

SASCOC CEO, Mr. Tubby Reddy, attended a meeting with International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) representatives in Lausanne, Switzerland last weekend to explain the administrative take over of Athletics South Africa (ASA).

Having engaged with the IAAF, in regard to ASA being placed under administration and the appointment of an interim administrator, SASCOC informed the IAAF of the current status. The IAAF in turn indicated that they were prepared to assist in the normalization of the relationship with SASCOC.

SASCOC have also been informed that some of the duly elected board members who were unconstitutionally suspended by Mr. James Evans, who himself was facing impeachment will now communicate with the IAAF requesting their intervention and as such, SASCOC awaits the IAAF response to such a request when made.

As an Olympic body, we uphold the suspension of ASA president James Evans for financial irregularities and autocratic leadership. We continue and strive to work in the best interest of our athletes, said Mr. Reddy.

Since April 2013, ASA has been in a state of disarray and according to the SASCOC constitution, under these circumstances, SASCOC has a statutory duty to step in as an interim measure and ensure that there is restoration of stability within ASA to enable the federation to carry out its functions.

The SASCOC Board is more than happy to allow the IAAF to help the ASA regions to constitute a special general meeting for the purposes of electing a new democratic leadership for Athletics in South Africa.

Our Administrator however, will continue to investigate the irregularities and mismanagement at ASA and once concluded, will recommend to the SASCOC Board the action to be undertaken.

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