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SASCOC update on IAAF/Athletics South Africa situation

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has urged National Federations to resolve their own problems internally and without international interference.

This follows reports of disapproval and lack of recognition of the leadership position placed in the administering of Athletics South Africa (ASA) by SASCOC.

ASA was placed under administration under the leadership of Mr Zola Majavu in April 2013 due to serious financial irregularities and autocratic leadership within the organisation and the suspension of more than half the duly elected board members by its president. SASCOCs primary aim was to help ASAs situation in whatever manner possible.

Presently, ASA is in a state of disarray and has become involved in litigation in court, involving its former CEO and other members of the board resulting in an absence of a current governing body in the Federation.

According to the constitution, under these circumstances, SASCOC has a statutory duty to step in as an interim measure and ensure that there is restoration of stability within ASA to enable the federation to carry out its functions and meet the needs of athletes.

SASCOC CEO, Mr Tubby Reddy commented, SASCOCs role in this matter is to ensure that in due course, a properly and democratically-elected governing body will be put in place and thereafter ASA will be able to carry out its functions.

“However, we are doing everything we can as a sports governing body to continue supporting our athletes, this despite the shortcomings that have been experienced within ASA.

SASCOC is the macro body appointed by the Department of Sport and Recreation to govern Sport in South Africa, a self-governed and democratic country thus, the organisation cannot be dictated to in contravention of good governance principles.

Whilst SASCOC recognises the right to allow Federations to resolve their matters internally, once the structure of the entire Federation has collapsed, as realised in this instance, SASCOC stepped in and will continue to recognise its Administrator as the person to put Athletics back onto an even keel and furthermore, reiterates that Athletics will not suffer as a result of administrative difficulties.

On the administrators first day in office, he ensured that the employees of ASA were paid their outstanding two months salaries, as well as outstanding money owed to the City of Johannesburg, outstanding dues to the receiver of revenue, the workmans compensation commissioner, the pension fund, outstanding 13th cheques for employees, and prize monies to the recipients of the Soweto, Cape Town and Kimberley marathons. In addition, there were various legal matters and outstanding monies paid off.

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