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SASCOC acts in best interests of athletes

SASCOC reiterates and stands firm in ensuring the best welfare for athletes and that their programmes are not prejudiced.

This follows recent reports that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) does not recognise the Administrator who was put in place by SASCOC to run the affairs of the National Federation of Athletics South Africa (ASA) in April this year.

ASA was placed under administration under the leadership of Mr Zola Majavu due to serious financial irregularities and autocratic leadership within the organisation. SASCOCs primary aim was to help ASAs situation as much as they could.

The CEO of SASCOC, Mr Tubby Reddy, has stated that SASCOC will have no further comment apart from that he will be meeting with Mr Cheikh Thiare, Director of the Executive Office of the IAAF President, to clarify the issues. Our main aim is to support our athletes and their programmes so that they excel in sport and every decision we make is to the best of their interests, commented Reddy.

SASCOCs actions regarding ASA have been necessitated by the lack of governance, transparency and accountability within the leadership of the organisation as opposed to the allegations that the sports committee wants to take over the running of athletics and ignore the democratic structures and processes that exist within ASA.

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