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Athletics presidents back ASA administrator Majavu

Provincial athletics presidents this week stood firmly behind interim ASA administrator Mr Zola Majavu and backed his work at the National Federation.

Mr Majavu convened a meeting to update the various Presidents in person and also update them on possible solutions and the way forward.
The meeting was attended by 15 presidents and one president’s representative.
Following the meeting the Presidents unanimously pledged their unwavering support for Mr Majavu and specifically distanced themselves from any destructive attempts by the currently suspended President, with specific reference to the calling of a general meeting.
They also condemned the fact that the suspended President is still presenting himself as the President of ASA and continues to make use of ASA letterheads. The Presidents directed the administrator to inform Mr Evans that in no uncertain terms is allowed to do so and instruct him to desist from this.
They further distanced themselves from the ongoing litigation and and urged the administrator to keep up the good job that he is doing.
They even went so far as suggesting that the Mr Majavus’ term of administration be extended by a further five months.
However, Mr Majavu preferred that for now all his energies be spent on the collective efforts of trying to stabilise ASA and lure sponsors back to the sport.
The Presidents also confirmed their support for SASCOC’s decision to suspend the ASA Board, which they┬á themselves had intended to remove in a general meeting which a number of them had called for.
The Presidents accepted that the timing might not be opportune for another general meeting, hence their decision to write a joint letter to SASCOC which they also wish to be copied to the IAAF in order to strengthen SASCOC’s position.
They also proposed that when the situation has further stabilised they will assist with some of the costs, such as their own travel, towards the General Meeting.
There was also general disappointment expressed in the suspended President and his colleagues in the previous board.
The Presidents further undertook to support ASA, SASCOC and the administrator in all possible ways on the road forward.

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