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Top racing at national champs in Oudtshoorn

The SA national veterans, masters, Under-16 and para-cycling road & time trial championships have culminated with the road racing in Oudtshoorn.

The 97-kilometre road race consisted of two laps of the undulating 48.5-kilometre circuit, taking competitors out of Oudtshoorn along the Calitzdorp Road turning left on Vollmoed Road and heading toward Armoed where the climbing began. At the highest point, cyclists turned and joined the Mossel Bay Road heading back towards the outskirts of Oudtshoorn.

Some of the age categories had to complete a 78km and 50km route.

The Under-14 boys and Under-16 girls’ categories had clear winners in the 50 kilometre distance as Devin Shortt and Shannon-Leigh Bradford blitzed their categories in 1hr 29min32sec and 01:47:30 respectively. Shortt claimed victory by two minutes and 29 seconds, while Bradford stayed clear of her rivals by six minutes and 10 seconds.

Staying in the 50km distance, it was tight racing for the veteran women as Amanda Akom and Liefie Day claimed top honours by mere seconds in their 45-49 and 50-54 year categories. For the men, the contest was much the same with at least two contenders vying for the gold. Peter Barber, Jan van den Berg and Bob Clayton came out tops in the 60-64, 65-69 and 70+ age groups.

The 78km race presented some close challenges especially amongst the Under-16 boys, and veteran men 45-49, and 50-54 age groups. Raymond van der Walt claimed gold ahead of Nafees Isaacs (silver) and Bradley Gouveris (bronze) in the Under-16 group, crossing the line in 2:25:55. Anton Duvenhage was the victor in the 45-49 chase, beating Jackie van Eeden and Marius Nel into second and third respectively in 2:08:09. Gary Beneke (50-54) successfully pipped Hendrik Olivier (2nd) and Mark Thijs (third) to the finish line as they all recorded the same time of 2:06:19.

Paul Furbank (55-59) put on an impressive display to win gold. Furbank had also claimed the championship title in the time trial race earlier in the week, as well as winning his category at the second round of the national mountain bike series in Pietermaritzburg the weekend prior. Furbank finished in 2:14:24, with Rassie Smit and Joe Visser sprinting it out for second and third, 1:10 behind.

Also in the 78km distance, Odelle Joubert and Yolande de Villiers commanded the lead in their 35-39 and 40-44 age categories, clocking 2:16:01 and 0:18:51 respectively.

The 97km race distance also presented some close race results. J.C. Jooste, Jacques Fullard and Rynard van Hoven were successors in the sprint finishes in the 30-34, 35-39 and 40-44 groups respectively. Jooste’s winning time was 2:35:32, with Ignus Oosthuizen and Egon Campbell claiming second and third place.

Fullard’s (35-39) sprint finish was with Nicholas Cape and Alastair Davies, who won the silver and bronze medals respectively whilst all recording the same time of 2:35:36. Van Hoven (40-44) earned his gold medal and championship title against Moolman Welgemoed and Andy Davies in 2:26:09.

The women’s race saw a clear winner as Andrea Steyn (30-34) took the win by more than eight minutes against Denni Cartwright and Carine van der Merwe in 2:59:25. In the tandem race, Joe van der Westhuizen and Glen Campbell crossed the finish line first in the sprint against second placed Pieter and Heinrich Lategan and third placed Uwe Schmidt and Marius Nel. The winning time was 2:26:22.

The cyclists of the week to claim double championship titles were Paul Furbank (55-59), Andrea Steyn (30-34) and Liefie Day (50-54), winning both the time trial and road race championships in their age categories. Devin Shortt (Under-14) won both his time trail and road race events as well.

The national championships saw various age categories outside of Elite, U23 and Junior being acknowledged with national championship status throughout the six days of racing, ranging from the Under-16 class and from age 30 and above, as well as tandem cycles and the para-cycling road racing disciplines.

In addition, there are also U10, U12 and U14 age category races, which are tackled as a fun ride, and not for SA Championship colours. These young cyclists will still however be rewarded for their efforts with a SWD medal.

London Paralympian Roxy Burns was in action in two C4 class events during the championships. “We had one of the nicest champs ever,” she told Road to Rio 2016. “We were there two full days before we raced and had brilliant weather for training. It only drizzled a bit during Thursday’s ride.

“When we woke up on Friday morning it was clear and sunny, windless… perfect conditions for the time trial that afternoon. My knee had been giving me issues in training, so I got it strapped.

“The course was very flat, slight uphill for the first three kilometres, then downhill for the rest (13.6 km circuit). For the TT I did one lap and it went well. I left last of my group so I could chase the girl in front (this year for the first time I had competition). I caught up and passed her with about 4km to go. So I got gold in the┬á time trial as well as the national champion title.

“The road race on Saturday, was also perfect weather, sunny and windless. We had to do five laps and a total of 69km. Me and Vicky Scheepers (my competition in my C4 class) rode well together and together for four and a half laps and then I lost her slightly, and as I was going to sprint to catch her, my knee gave in!

“So I didn’t catch her, and got the silver…. but it was the right result, I wasn’t fit for the long distance. I’m very pleased that I got the title in the TT, that’s the one that I’m relatively OK in.”

Summary of road race results

Under-14 Boys ÔÇô 50km
1  Devin Shortt 1:39:32
2 Imraan Gasant 1:42:01  +2:29
3 Alexander Smith 1:42:07  +2:35

Under-16 Boys ÔÇô 78km
1 Raymond Van der Walt 2:25:55
2 Nafees Isaacs 2:25:55
3 Bradley Gouveris 2:25:55

Under-16 Girls ÔÇô 50km
1 Shannon-Leigh Bradford 1:47:30
2 Anja Gerber 1:53:40  +6:10
3 Am├® Venter 1:54:12┬á +6:42

Vets Men 30-34 ÔÇô 97km
1 J:C: Jooste 2:35:32
2 Ignus Oosthuizen 2:35:32
3 Egon Campbell 2:35:32

Vets Men 35-39 ÔÇô 97km
1 Jacques Fullard 2:35:36
2 Nicholas Cape 2:35:36
3 Alastair Davies 2:35:36

Vets Men 40-44 ÔÇô 97km
1 Rynard Van Hoven 2:26:09
2 Moolman Welgemoed 2:26:09
3 Andy Davies 2:26:09

Vets Men 45-49 ÔÇô 78km
1 Anton Duvenhage 2:08:09
2 Jackie Van Eeden 2:08:09
3 Marius Nel 2:08:09

Vets Men 50-54 ÔÇô 78km
1 Gary Beneke 2:06:19
2 Hendrik Olivier 2:06:19
3 Mark Thijs 2:06:19

Vets Men 55-59 ÔÇô 78km
1 Paul Furbank 2:14:24
2 Rassie Smit 2:15:34  +1:10
3 Joe Visser 2:15:34  +1:10

Vets Men 60-64 ÔÇô 50km
1 Peter Barber 1:28:54
2 Bobby Nefdt 1:28:55  +1
3 Chris Rossouw 1:28:56  +2

Vets Men 65-69 ÔÇô 50km
1 Jan Van den Berg 1:37:36
2 John Moss 1:37:37  +1
3 Peter Allan Haupt 1:37:47  +11

Vets Men 70+ ÔÇô 50km
1 Bob Clayton 1:39:44
2 Vincent Kelly 1:39:45  +1
3 Mike Smith 1:46:57  +7:13

Vets Women 30-34 ÔÇô 97km
1 Andrea Steyn 2:59:25
2 Denni Cartwright 3:07:43  +8:18
3 Carine Van der Merwe 3:07:48  +8:23

Vets Women 35-39 ÔÇô 78km
1 Odelle Joubert 2:16:01
2 Juanita Venter 2:16:08  +7
3 Cashandra Slingerland 2:20:50  +4:49

Vets Women 40-44 ÔÇô 78km
1 Yolande De Villiers 2:18:51
2 Allison Hertel 2:27:30  +8:39
3 Martie Joubert 2:30:23  +11:32

Vets Women 45-49 ÔÇô 50km
1 Amanda Akom 1:38:37
2 Lauren Wolff 1:38:38  +1
3 Nienie Steenekamp 1:38:39  +2

Vets Women 50-54 ÔÇô 50km
1 Liefie Day 1:39:46
2 Alma Bester 1:39:47  +1
3 Shirley Schmidt 1:39:48  +2

Tandems ÔÇô 97km
1 Joe Van der Westhuizen/Glen Campbell 2:26:22
2 Pieter Lategan/Heinrich Lategan 2:26:22
3 Uwe Schmidt/Marius Nel 2.26:22

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