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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

I have always advocated using the right platform to discuss things and rarely is that platform the media.

I prefer to communicate face to face with the mandated representative of Federations, and I know it is a view shared by the president of SASCOC, Gideon Sam and the SASCOC Board.

Unfortunately the media often are fed selective and inaccurate information and this influences opinion and public sentiment.

The issue of Cricket South Africa and the emblem is one such example. There has never been any SASCOC ‘bullying’, as has been said in media reports.

There has also never been a case of a refusal to agree a compromise or a concession because one cannot  compromise with regards to the officially recognised national emblem.

There is a standard official emblem, which all Federations are to use and it is the emblem of the King Protea. Cricket SA, some time ago, was asked to fall in line with the other national sporting codes.

It is not something I decided on or the President of SASCOC decided to pursue but, as the custodians of sport in South Africa, we govern and ensure all Federations adhere to the constitution and the issue of a national emblem that stands alone on the team’s official playing uniform.

Cricket South Africa has always had a Protea and the national flag grouped as one emblem and we advised them some time ago that it needed to change.

They asked for certain extensions because of practical issues of the kit that had already been advanced and merchandising etc.

We were accommodating of these requests and gave them a reasonable time to address the inconsistency.

They failed to meet the deadline and apologised. We simply said there could no longer be extensions and this was communicated officially in correspondence and after personal one on one’s with their CEO and Acting CEO.

The correspondence includes their apology and promise to correct the emblem.

When the deadlines were not met a very one-sided version of events was leaked to certain elements of the media.

It is disappointing that elements within Federations still see value in the destructive nature of using the emotion of the media as a forum for issues that are discussed between CEOs or in the respective Boardrooms.

There never has been an agenda from within SASCOC against Cricket South Africa and there has never been a distorted and deliberate leaking of discussion matter from within SASCOC when it comes to all discussions with Cricket South Africa.

In my most recent interaction with the acting CEO of Cricket South Africa, the following was discussed and clarity sought on:

i)         The geopolitical boundaries elected personnel.

ii)       We clarified that independent directors should be based upon need and expertise and not by numbers.

iii)      We clarified that the lead independent director was to provide guidance and advice to the President and the Board.

iv)     We accepted the letter of apology for the Proteas wearing pink outfits, even though we did not ask for one. We understood it was for a good cause. However we noted permission should be sought upfront.

v)       We established that there would be no more extensions on the combination flag and protea logo

A few days later I would read in the media of an alleged witch hunt against Cricket South Africa and of bullying of Cricket South Africa.

Nothing could be more inaccurate and it is my wish as CEO of SASCOC that our sports administration can show maturity in dealing with issues in the right platform.

SASCOC is representative of sport in South Africa and we provide a custodian role.

The National Governing Body has to hold Federations accountable to the Statutes of Sport in the country, both the SA Sports and Recreation Act and SASCOC’s Articles of Association.

In the case of Cricket South Africa, that is all we are doing when it comes to the emblem.

For those who want accuracy I hope this provides clarity.

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