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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

This is another week spent on the road with SASCOC President Gideon Sam, myself and various members of SASCOC meeting with various stakeholders within each province that form the nucleus of South African sport’s administration.

I won’t bore you with details of discussion material because so much of it would seem tedious to the outsider and there really is very little sexy that often goes into getting the structures working effectively across all levels in sport.

The sexiness is in the performance of those athletes who benefit from the opportunities created and who in turn perform brilliantly and make a nation’s people proud.

Gideon’s re-election for a second tenure ensures continuity in what we started at SASCOC post Beijing 2008. It continues as a matter of course and it is not a matter of a new presidency trying to find its feet, potentially reinvent the wheel and lose so much of the good that was the foundation of the work from 2009 to 2012.

The optimism within South African sport is not misplaced but it is critical to find the balance between governing the sport, instilling confidence in our sport and being reluctant to confront issues on an administration level that may seem to detract from the emotional triumphs of our teams and individuals. To question, assess and reassess is natural in governance. And to allow for questioning and assessment is equally relevant to healthy sports administration.

Our teams’ performances often create the illusion of a healthier or a more dire state of South African sport but the truth is more accurately reflected in the day to day functioning of the respective codes.

The highs of our successes are to be celebrated and the harder moments are to be viewed in context.

It is when one interacts with all the various sporting tentacles, be it provincial departments of sports, academies, university structures etc that I am always given the greatest optimism.

There are so many doing so much but often the many are doing much in isolation and the messages are not communicated effectively and get lost in translation.

Much of this and next month’s road show, which takes in every province, is aimed at listening as much as talking. We all need to know what the other is doing and that we are in fact working for the good of the sport and not unintentionally against the idealism and realities that make up the governance of sport in South Africa.

On a personal level my congratulations to Graeme Smith in leading the Proteas for a 100th Test in Cape Town later this week. He got to the 100th at the Wanderers (he did captain a World XI in one Test) and Graeme’s journey over the last decade is very much the story of a young South African unified sports body. There can be criticism for mistakes but no journey and no growth comes without the stumbles that, if survived, make up the triumphs.

The Proteas are giving us much to celebrate with their Test performances and Bafana Bafana also gave us another example of how sport in this country determines so much of the mood of South African people.

There was to be no fairytale ending for Bafana but there was plenty of inspiration.

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  1. Thomas Makagabo Kgomo

    February 11, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Hi President

    I agree,play it again President.Firstly let me thank you for your intervention Softball matters.We hope after the interim commitee has finished its job,Softball will then have a New Committee that will take futher.

    My request is very simple,The committe should/could be elected BUT Softball South Africa Funds or tresure should be a member from SASCOC atleast for the first four years of softball after the elction of the new committee.

    SSA should have a quaterly reporting meeting with SASCOC for four years.We need administrators in softball if possible new administrators under the supervision of SASCOC.

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