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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

This is the last update for 2012 and let me wish everyone a great festive season. It will be a well-deserved break for us and I know when we come back in 2013, those batteries will be well and truly recharged.

Our Under-20 teams at the Zone VI Games in Lusaka have dominated the scene up north and I was particularly pleased with the enthusiasm amongst athletes and management. I can only see good coming out of such attitudes.

The message given to all our athletes at the departure dinner was taken to heart and the reports off and on the field were there for all to see. We need to ask the question though: What happens to these athletes when they return from Lusaka and how will the federations handle them going forward? I have seen a number of exciting athletes and after a year or so, they are no longer in our system. SASCOC will have to approach the federations to get answers to this question.

The planning for the next four years is just about complete and we would like to share these plans with the South African public early in the New Year. We will be doing so because we want to take everybody on board as we walk the road to Rio.

Regular feedbacks will be order of the day so that we can predict the outcomes of our performances at the various international competitions with more certainty. I am a firm believer of the dictum that if you cannot manage your destiny, then you must not expect spectacular outcomes of your planning. On a regular basis along the road we will stop, take stock and go back to the drawing board if we are not happy.

To do this we are going to need a focused approach to our selection of the federations that can deliver medals at important competitions. Our athletes must learn to compete consistently at very high level competitions.

For them to do so we will need dedicated coaches and federations that are well governed. At SASCOC we stand ready to work side by side with these federations in order to improve our performances at all levels.

I believe that we have dealt with the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that we first presented early in 2009. The one missing piece is a strategy around our provinces and how they can assist us in sport to make more resources available for the campaign to Rio.

Here we are asking provinces to assist us in looking after the targeted athletes in their provinces. We would like to see athletes get more support from the provinces of their origin. It should be the pride of every province to have a big representation in the national teams. There will be a road show undertaken to the provinces to talk about these issues.

My final message is to say to the management team at SASCOC, that they can be proud of what they have achieved. Never has so much been done by so few. On behalf of the Board I would like to congratulate our CEO, Mr Tubby Reddy, for assisting the team to grow in the fashion that they have.

Go home now and have a good rest, the years ahead may be tougher, but we have every confidence in all of you.

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