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Happy ending for champion Fischer after nasty crash

Reigning All African Games triathlon champion Carlyn Fischer has ended her 2012 season on both a low and a high note, writes Mark Etheridge.

Among the highs during her year was to qualify in the Elite category and compete for South Africa at the World Triathlon Championships in Auckland, New Zealand in October. She now has one year of competition left in the Under-23 category.

She also had a competitive national BSG Sprint Series although the fact that she competed in New Zealand meant she missed one of the events and wasn’t in contention for a ranking in the overall series.

The BSG Sprint Series is a competition that 22-year-old Fischer has taken part in since she was just 12 years old.

Despite a niggling plantar faciitis injury early in the season, Fischer was finding her form as the season went on and ended second to Roberts at the African Cup event in Zimbabwe recently.

Her year’s low point and yet another high that followed that, came at last weekend’s season-ending BSG event at Vanderbijlpark as her and Olympian Kate Roberts were racing the bicycle leg.

“I came around the corner too fast on the wet tar, in the rain, and went head-on into the pavement, straight into a sign board next to the road. I hit the sign board head-on, with my arms on the handlebars taking first impact, then my head and back hit the board before I landed on my other side on the tar,” she told Road to Rio 2016.

“I had X-rays taken of my right arm and back, as those are worst injured. I can’t lift my right shoulder and my back and neck are still in pain but nothing is broken, thankfully!

“I got flipped onto the tar where I landed, without a helmet, a few metres away.”

Dazed and confused, Fischer was in pain. “I didn’t know who was around me and was just forced to lie still until the ambulance came and took Kate and I to hospital.

“After waiting, being examined, having X-rays taken, being cleaned up and plastered up, a little angel came to brighten up my day ÔÇô one of the kind people who came to help at the scene of the accident, Dez Friend, had collected all my belongings from transition, located my bag, waited for my mom to finish the race and came to hospital with my mom.

“Dez helped fill out paper work and then returned to the race venue where her daughter, Sarah-Jane, was competing in her second ever triathlon in the BSG Kids series in the 5-11 age group. After an hour or so, Dez returned, with Sarah, who wanted to check up on me and see if I’m okay. She handed me her medal (only her second one ever) and said that she did the race for me.”

“That put a huge smile on my face and brightened up my day. I realised that my actions don’t only influence me, but also those around me. Being unsafe on the bike to gain a few seconds is reckless. In future I will be more cautious in the rain, and rather finish the race in one piece. I am lucky to walk away from the crash without serious injuries. There’s a lesson in this, and that is it’s more important to be safe and careful than to take the risk of serious injury which could take you out of training and racing for weeks.”

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