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Dr Irvin Khoza to support current SASCOC Executive

Dr Irvin Khoza has today announced his withdrawal from the SASCOC Presidential race and all other nominations.

He accepted the nominations in time to make the closing date with an understanding, between him and those that nominated him, that he would utilise the time between the closing of nominations and elections to apply his mind on the implications of his running.

After applying his mind, Dr Khoza has opted to withdraw his nominations and to support Mr Gideon Sam and his executive.

Dr Khoza would like to thank those that approached him for nomination. He is particularly heartened by their confidence and belief in his ability to make a contribution. He accepted their nomination based on his willingness to serve.

It is Dr Khoza’s firm belief that sport is a ‘game-changer’ that has the ability and reach to shape behaviour and lives, interventions that he knows are needed to build our new nation into a winning nation of the world.

Dr Khoza said: “I have applied my mind on the implication of my standing for SASCOC Presidency and all other nominations. My thinking included the encouraging results from the London Olympics.

“I believe that Mr Gideon Sam and his executive have achieved a base on which they should be supported to build further. My experience is that it takes more than one term to stabilise an organisation into sustainable winning ways.

“I am therefore throwing my lot behind Mr Sam and his executive. I wish them luck over and above the hard work and dedication I know it takes to succeed.”


  1. thomas kgomo

    November 13, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Word and signs of a Great Leader.I agree with the sentence that say ” it takes more than one term stabilise an organisation into a sustainable winning ways”.In the same way i Support the current President and hope he will also focus on supporting small sporting codes like Softball.

  2. thomas kgomo

    November 13, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Let us now concentrate on Bafana Bafana in the Afcon.

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