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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

The Olympics and Paralympics in London showed the spirit of South Africa’s challenge and our squad members can justifiably feel there was reward for the toil of the last four years.

The track, field, pool and rowing achievements were celebrated, in London, and at home, and deservedly so. It was a special time and the mood within South Africa on the return of our Olympians and Paralympians reflected the appreciation among South Africans.

Equally satisfying for me as CEO was the humility within both squads of athletes and the respective support staff. Naturally there was individual disappointment, but there was also realism of what it takes to win medals.

The South African squads were popular and among the newsmakers for all the right reasons. It makes it that much more exciting to work with positive mindsets and with individuals who want to make Rio, in four years time, an experience that inspires South Africans.

The presidential elections are a month away and that will be at the forefront of the various Federations, but in the interim the focus of those who work out of Olympic House and the squad candidates for Rio has already begun.

I am currently in China for debriefing with Team South Africa’s kit supplier Erke and the feedback on their first involvement with Team South Africa has been encouraging. The athletes were satisfied their requirements were more than met and the reason for the visit is to engage in all aspects of what can be improved to further enhance the look and performance whenever Team South Africa participates.

The discussions have been good and the debate as always has been healthy.

I’ll be back in the country on Tuesday evening and meeting with the relevant departments and individuals from Wednesday as we conclude the various debriefs of our London performance.

There is a base from which to work and we have Olympic and Paralympic champions who want to further inspire and want to continue to excel on the world stage.

The attitude within the office has been as measured, with the motivation of what needs to be done on the road to Rio already a greater talking point than what was achieved in London.

Once again I want to thank those of you who gave the squads such wonderful support. It never is assumed or taken as a given and everyone is conscious that performance gets reward.

Enjoy the week and I’ll chat again once back at Olympic House in Johannesburg.

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