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Team South Africa’s 2012 Paralympic medallists

How the medals came rolling in for Team South Africa at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. The Opening Ceremony was held on 29 August and the closing ceremony on 9 September.

Gold ÔÇô┬á 30 August ÔÇô Natalie du Toit, 100m breaststroke (S9)
Bronze ÔÇô 31 August ÔÇô Hendri Herbst, 100m freestyle (S11)
Bronze ÔÇô 1 September ÔÇô Achmat Hassiem, 100m butterfly (S10)
Bronze ÔÇô┬á1 September ÔÇô Anrune Liebenberg, 200m (T46)
Bronze ÔÇô 1 September ÔÇô Jonathan Ntutu, 100m (T13)
Gold┬á ÔÇô┬á1 September ÔÇô Charl Bouwer, 50m freestyle (S13)
Silver ÔÇô 1 September ÔÇô Dyan Buis, 100m (T38)
Silver ÔÇô 1 September ÔÇô┬áTeboho Mokgalagadi, 100m (T35)
Silver ÔÇô 2 September ÔÇô┬áCharl Bouwer , 100m freestyle (S13)
Silver ÔÇô 2 September ÔÇô Oscar Pistorius, 200m (T44)
Bronze ÔÇô┬á3 September ÔÇô Union Sekailwe, 400m (T38)
Silver ÔÇô 3 September ÔÇô Charl Bouwer, 100m backstroke (S13)
Bronze ÔÇô┬á4 September ÔÇô┬áMichael Louwrens, shot put F57/58
Bronze ÔÇô 4 September ÔÇô┬á Shireen Sapiro, 100m backstroke (S10)
Gold ÔÇô 4 September ÔÇô Natalie du Toit, 400m freeestyle (S9)
Bronze ÔÇô 5 September ÔÇô Dyan Buis, Long Jump (F37/38)
Gold ÔÇô┬á5 September ÔÇô 4x100m relay (Samkelo Radebe, Zivan Zmith, Arnu Fourie, Oscar Pistorius) T42-46
Bronze ÔÇô 6 September ÔÇô Arnu Fourie, 100m T44
Gold ÔÇô 6 September┬á ÔÇô Natalie du Toit, 200m Individual Medley (SM9)
Silver ÔÇô 6 September┬á ÔÇô Hilton Langenhoven, 400m (T12)
Silver ÔÇô┬á6 September ÔÇô Ilse Hayes, 100m (T13)
Gold ÔÇô 7 September ÔÇô Ilse Hayes, long jump (T13)
Silver ÔÇô 7 September ÔÇô Ernst van Dyk, hand cycle road race (H4)
Silver ÔÇô 7 September┬á ÔÇô Natalie du Toit, 100m freestyle (S9)
Silver ÔÇô 8 September┬á ÔÇô Dyan Buis, 200m (T38)
Silver┬á ÔÇô 8 September ÔÇô Kevin Paul, 100m breaststroke (SB9)
Gold ÔÇô 8 September ÔÇô Fanie van der Merwe, 100m (T37)
Silver ÔÇô 8 September ÔÇô Anrune Liebenberg, 400m (T46)
Gold ÔÇô 8 September ÔÇô Oscar Pistorius, 400m (T44)

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